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Smart About Money (SAM) is a free, unbiased website with a wide selection of articles, resources, calculators and tips to help you manage your money through life's ups and downs.  

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Spending and Saving: Getting Started Course

Credit and Debt Basics

My Financial Well-being

Tips for Filing Taxes

My Emergency Fund Plan

Additional Tools (Calculators, budget wizard, worksheets, FAQs)

PNC Insights:

Short articles and videos (2 to 4 minute) on a large variety of topics. 




Planning for the unexpected

See Your Financial Future in a New Light​

Tools, calculators and webinars to assist with your financial well-being.

Financial Foundations

Financial Essentials Webinars

Saving and Investing Tools and Calculators


Available to benefits eligible staff, fixed-term & medical faculty, and post-doctoral research fellows

Interactive and creative learning modules available in the VirginPulse app or online with the added bonus of earning PulsePoints.

Stash Some Cash

Shrink Your Debt

Your Meds: Find Ways to Save

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Financial Stress Assistance

Invest in Your Financial Future

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