Naturally Slim Testimonials

Here's what our CMU employees have to say about Naturally Slim

Tricia Kierst - CMU Pilot Program

"I have to admit that I was skeptical when the program first started but I stuck with it and lost about 20 lbs. in the first few months, then my weight came to a standstill!  I didn't give up on the program and did continue to watch the videos and take notes.  Overall I shed 23 lbs., which isn't much in the grand scheme, BUT, I am much better at determining when I am actually hungry and need to eat and those time when I am not really hungry but really WANT that dessert.  Learning the difference between wants and needs, hunger and boredom has been the greatest tool I took from Naturally Slim.  I check in with Naturally Slim via Facebook and watch the occasional video or messages.  I still reach for my H2orange, mostly on the weekends, still keep the allowable snacks in my desk drawer.  I haven't really lost any more weight but in the last year I've become more active, more alert, my body is more toned, I have lost inches, my doctor has removed 4 medications from my daily intake most importantly, high blood pressure and a diabetic med!  I still monitor my blood sugar every day and check my blood pressure a couple times a week.  I will probably never be a "Natural Thin", but I gained a lot of tools that I try to use every day."