CMU Employee Wellness Program

Promoting a healthy university community through assistance, awareness, and education.


"For the Health of It!" was implemented in February 1999 to improve and maintain the health and well-being of the CMU community.  The goal of this comprehensive employee wellness program is to create and support a culture of health and wellness that results in a creative, energetic and productive workforce. 


Ca$h in on Wellness Program 

The Ca$h in on Wellness program is the wellness incentive program offered to benefit eligible staff and fixed-term faculty, Global Campus employees and College of Medicine faculty (even those not enrolled in the CMU medical insurances).  Employees completing the program components listed below can earn up to $335 (taxable awards) in Healthy Choice awards which they can redeem for gift cards, gift certificates or merchandise.


  • Health Risk Assessment (HRA) - NOT AVAILABLE AFTER March 31, 2014!

The HealthMedia® Succeed™  online health risk assessment (HRA) provides participants with an annual wellness report/plan and opens access to seven digital health coaching programs to help put that plan into action.

Spouses and university registered other eligible individuals (OEI) covered under the staff and fixed-term faculty member's CMU Blue Cross Blue Shield plan can also complete the HRA to receive a $75 Healthy Choice award.  The employee will be taxed for the award and will receive the award email.

New employees (and their eligible spouses/OEI) hired after June 30th can complete the HRA (must be completed before March 31st) to receive the Healthy Choice award.

  •  Exercise Component

 The goal of this component is regular aerobic exercise and follows the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines. To receive the $35 quarterly ($140 annual total) Healthy Choice awards, participants must track regular exercise for the entire quarter, accumulate at least 1,560 minutes of moderate aerobic activity/exercise and have at least 45 daily entries (all activity done in the same day should be combined into one daily entry) of 30 minutes or more (entries must be at least 30 minutes per day to count)

​1st Quarter: July 1 - September 30  2nd Quarter: October 1 - December 31​
3rd Quarter: January 1 - March 31​               4th Quarter: April 1 - June 30
The $35 Healthy Choice awards will be distributed at the end of each quarter, so please keep tracking and submit forms at the end of the quarter. Forms received early will be returned.
  • Health Care Component

The goal of this component is to encourage employees to maintain their health and practice prevention through regular physicals and screenings.  Simply complete an annual physical and blood work (must include total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, triglycerides, fasting blood glucose) with your healthcare provider to receive the $70 Healthy Choice award.  The annual wellness screening offered by University Health Services each year can be counted as the blood work for this component.

The CMU Blue Cross Blue Shield medical plans cover an annual physical and blood work by in-network providers.  See plan comparison grid for details. 

Participate anytime during the plan year (July 1 - June 30) to receive the $70 Healthy Choice award!

Download the Healthcare Component Verification form


  • Wellness Component

The goal of this component is to encourage employees to continue to learn about wellness and prevention of chronic disease and illness.  Participants will receive the $50 Healthy Choice award for participating in at least 4 different educational programs and/or wellness screenings.

Participate in the four wellness activities for this component anytime during the plan year (July 1 - June 30) to receive the $50 Healthy Choice award!

Download the Wellness Component Verification form


Receiving and Redeeming Awards


 Upon completion of any of the Ca$h in on Wellness program components, participants will receive confirmation emails indicating when the awards will be ordered.  Awards are ordered on a monthly basis at the beginning of each month.  Participants receive their Healthy Choice awards via an email from IncentOne, CMU's wellness incentives partner.  The email will come from the email address with the subject line of "Your Gift from CMU's Wellness Program" and will contain a link to your award.  Sometimes these emails go to Junk Email folders, so be sure to check this folder if you are expecting an award.

Follow the instructions on the award to redeem it and select whether to receive your award as a gift card, gift certificate, or as merchandise.  The awards never expire so you can hold onto them and let them accumulate to choose something of greater value!

Per IRS regulations, cash awards must be taxed.  When the Healthy Choice awards are ordered from IncentOne, the amount of the award will be taxed (~37%) in your paycheck.

If you have any questions regarding the redemption or receipt of the gift cards, gift certificates or merchandise ordered, please contact IncentOne by clicking on the Customer Service tab on the redemption website. 



Gain-sharing Incentive Program

In addition to the individual Ca$h in on Wellness awards, CMU has created a gain-sharing incentive that rewards employees collectively for impacting healthcare costs.  By participating in healthy behaviors that maintain and enhance health and by being wise healthcare consumers, employees and their families can help reduce the costs to the CMU medical and prescription drug plans and reap the rewards.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Be covered by the Blue Cross Blue Shield health plans available to staff and fixed-term faculty for the full plan year (July 1 - June 30).
  • Complete all four Ca$h in on Wellness components
    • Health Risk Assessment (HRA) must be completed in May or June each year
    • Exercise, Health Care and Wellness components must be completed between July 1 and June 30 each plan year

How it works:

  • Any surplus balance remaining at the end of the plan year after expenses and reserves are fully funded will be shared between the university and an employee incentive pool.  If no surplus remains, gain-sharing will not take place.
  • The employee incentive pool will be distributed in October (taxable award) to the employees who meet the eligibility criteria above.  Only one gain-sharing distribution per contract; employees or spouses or other eligible individuals who are covered under one contract will be eligible for only one gain-sharing payment; either the employee or spouse or other eligible individual can "earn" the gain-sharing incentive.


Click here for the full gain-sharing guidelines and details


 Wellness Resources



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Ca$h in on Wellness Deadline

The deadline for submitting 2013-14 Ca$h in on Wellness forms is Monday, July 14, 2014 at 5pm!


New for 2013-14

Spouses and CMU registered other eligible individuals (OEI) enrolled in a CMU BCBSM medical & CVS/Caremark prescription drug plan are now eligible to receive the $70 Health Care Healthy Choice Award.  Have your annual physical and blood work between July 1, 2013 and June 30, 2014 to receive the award.  Complete the Health Care Component form and please include the spouses/OEIs name, the CMU employee's name, Campus ID number and email address on the form. 







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