Central Health Improvement Program

The CHIP Facility will remain closed through May 28, 2020. All services, including ergonomic evaluations, have been suspended until further notice.  

South Grounds Building    

Phone:  774-3198/7177

Fax:  774-2177

The Central Health Improvement Program (CHIP Facility) is located in the South Grounds Building on the campus of Central Michigan University. 

Our licensed and certified staff provides physical rehabilitation services for CMU faculty, staff, retirees and their spouses and other eligible individuals (OEI).  The CHIP facility also houses the CMU Employee Wellness and  Workers' Compensation programs. 

CHIP Facility Staff

Tammy Griffin
​Brenda Hoyle
​Manager/Employee Health & Wellness
​Executive Secretary

​Cody Cooper
Straum Yorton
​Coordinator/Prevention & Rehabilitation
​Coordinator/Prevention & Rehabilitation