Committee Participation

Catastrophic Leave Committee:

This committee is responsible for administering requests for catastrophic leave. The committee consists of five members, three individuals from the P&A group, one from Human Resources , and one individual from payroll.

  • Erin Christian - Employment Services - Chair, Ongoing
  • Becky Gilbert - Payroll & Travel - Ongoing
  • Kimberly Voisin - Residence Life
  • Becky Schaefer - Global Campus
  • Amy Thering- Student Employment Services 

Faculty Research & Creative Endeavors - (Academic Senate)

P&A Council identifies an individual to this committee, which is a subcommittee of the Academic Senate. The official appointment is made by the Academic Senate. (See FA Handbook)

  • Nick Cassavaugh - College of  Humanities, Social & Behavioral Sciences

Health Care Committee:

The  purpose of the Health Care Committee is to educate and inform employees about trends in health care and benefit plan design, and make recommendations regarding benefit and wellness issues to the University administration. Two members of the committee will serve as liaisons to the Council.

  • Heidi Alexander - Special Olympics
  • Jon Humiston - Registrar's Office