Employee Groups

​​​​​​​​​​The University has labor agreements with nine of the 14 employee groups. Click here​ for a list of employee group representatives. Additional information can be found under the individual groups.

  • Office Professional ​​ The contract CMU has with the UAW covers approximately 331 support staff and office professional positions.
  • Police Officers The contract that CMU has with POAM covers 14 patrol officers.

  • Professional & Administrative There are 736 Professional and Administrative employees classified using a broad band approach into one of six pay bands.
  • Public Broadcasting The contract CMU has with NABET covers approximately 29 employees in CMU's Public Broadcasting department.
  • Senior Officers Senior Officers are employees assigned to salaried classifications with senior executive responsibilities for CMU, on and off-campus.
  • Sergeants The contract CMU has with Central Michigan Command Officers Association ​covers 4 employees.
  • Service Maintenance The contract CMU has with AFSCME covers approximately 196 employees such as custodial, groundskeepers, skilled trades, warehouse workers and others. 
  • Supervisory Technical The contract CMU has with the MEA-NEA covers approximately 124 employees across a wide range of supervisory technical positions from the office supervisor to supervisors of skilled trades.​​​​
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