Long-Term Disability

​Long-term disability (LTD) provides financial protection for you by paying a portion of your income while you are disabled.  The amount you receive is dependent on the income you earned before your disability began and the monthly benefit option you chose for the current benefit plan year. In some cases, you can receive disability payments, even if you work while you are disabled.

To be eligible to receive LTD benefits, you must be off work for a period of 180 consecutive days (or 6 consecutive months) and you must exhaust all your sick time.

Employee’s Responsibilities:

  • Contact HR/Benefits & Wellness for LTD claim form after 3-4 months on leave of absence.
  • Complete Employee section of LTD claim form – employee may fax or mail directly to the disability carrier.
  • Forward Physician section of LTD claim form to physician for completion – physician can fax or mail the completed form directly to the disability carrier.
  • If MPSERS participant (retirement plan), employee must contact HR/Benefits & Wellness for MPSERS disability retirement paperwork after 4 months on leave of absence.
  • Complete MPSERS disability retirement paperwork.
  • After 4 months on leave of absence, employee must contact Social Security Office to apply for social security disability benefits.
  • If or when an employee has been approved for MPSERS disability retirement and/or social security disability benefits, the employee must contact HR/Benefits & Wellness and forward copies of the award/approval letters.  MPSERS disability retirement payments and social security disability payments are considered deductible sources of income and will be deducted from your monthly long-term disability benefit check.
  • For more information, please review the LTD plan or contact HR/Benefits & Wellness at Rowe 108 or call 3661.