Returning from a Leave of Absence

​Employee Responsibilities 

  • Obtain a note from your doctor releasing you to return to work.
  • Doctor’s note should include a return to work date to full duty or detailed restrictions, if applicable.
  • Notify your supervisor of your return to work date.
  • Bring your doctor’s note to your supervisor on your first day back to work.

Supervisor Responsibilities:

  • Obtain a doctor’s note from the employee on their first day back to work releasing the employee to return to work.
  • Notify HR/Employment Services (for staff) or Faculty Personnel Services (for faculty) of the employee’s return to work date, including detailed restrictions, if applicable.
  • Forward a copy of the doctor’s note to HR/Employment Services (for staff) at Rowe 109 or Faculty Personnel Services (for faculty) at Warriner 308.