Long-Term Disability

What is long-term disability?

Long-term disability (LTD) provides financial protection for you by paying a portion of your income while you are disabled (more than 6 months).  Upon approval from CMU's Disability Carrier, you will receive a monthly disability benefit check based on 67% of base salary at the time of your disability.

When does long-term disability begin?

To be eligible to receive LTD benefits, you must be off work for a period of 180 consecutive days (or 6 consecutive months) and you must exhaust all your sick time.

How do I make a claim for long-term disability?

  • Please contact the Benefits & Wellness Office at Rowe 108 or call (989) 774-3661 after 3-4 months on leave of absence.
  • Complete the Employee section of LTD claim form – you may fax or mail it directly to the disability carrier.
  • Forward the Physician section of LTD claim form to your physician for completion – your physician can fax or mail the completed form directly to the disability carrier.
  • If you are a MPSERS participant (retirement plan), you should contact the MPSERS/ORS office at 800-381-5111 and request a disability retirement packet .
  • If applicable, complete the MPSERS disability retirement paperwork.
  • Once approved for long term disability, you must contact the Social Security Office to apply for social security disability benefits.
  • If or when you have been approved for MPSERS disability retirement and/or social security disability benefits, you must contact the Benefits & Wellness Office and forward copies of the award/approval letters.  MPSERS disability retirement payments and social security disability payments are considered deductible sources of income and will be deducted from your monthly long-term disability benefit check.
  • For more information, please review the LTD plan or contact the Benefits & Wellness Office at benefits@cmich.edu or call (989) 774-3661.