Pay Band 5

Jobs in this band include jobs with responsibilities for the management and supervision of units/areas with broad scope such as, controller general accounting, associate director residence life, minority affairs, budget and planning.  They may be referred to as level II manager positions.  Also included in this band are unique or specialized positions where market data and job responsibilities warrant classifying at a P&A-5 level, such as Physician's Assistant or Certified Nurse Practitioner.


These jobs typically have direct supervisory responsibilities of unit or multiple units, in addition to major management responsibility for a wide range of projects/tasks associated with primary business operations, academic or student services.  They differ from level I manager jobs in that the job duties have broader and more varied supervisory and management responsibilities.  An example of the difference between level I and level II managers may be seen between the scope and supervisory responsibilities of the associate directors/residence life and the assistant directors/residence life.


Bachelor degree in related field and five to six years of professional management experience that is directly related to the administrative management responsibilities of the position.

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