What types of leave are available to me?

  • Family & Medical Leave  Employees are eligible for a family medical leave (FML) if they have been employed by CMU for at least twelve (12) months and have worked at least one thousand, two hundred and fifty (1,250) hours during the twelve (12) month period immediately preceding the date on which the leave commences. View more 
  • Maternity & Parental Leave New parents are eligible for paid and unpaid time off when planning to welcome a new child by birth, adoption, foster care or legal guardianship.  View more
  • Workers' Compensation Leave  Employees/student employees with a possible work related injury should report it to the Workers’ Compensation Office by calling 989-774-7177. View more 
  • Personal Leave  Leaves without pay may be granted for personal reasons such as education, settlement of an estate, adoption or placement of a child, serious health condition of a family member, but not for the purpose of obtaining employment elsewhere. View more 
  • Military Leave  The University will comply with state and federal laws regarding leaves and/or reinstatement rights for employees who volunteer for military service. View more
  • Educational Leave  All regular salaried employees whose appointments are at least one-half (½) time and who have been employed by CMU for a continuous period of five (5) or more years are eligible to apply for up to three (3) years of educational leave. View more