2015 - 2016 Open Workshops


Here is the current list of our 2015-2016 workshops which are open to all employees of the university. We occasionally add workshops throughout the year based on need and current events.  All  workshops are also announced through CMU Today and are listed on Central Link under My Workday/Employee Training. You may also register for these workshops at that location a few months in advance of the event.    


4 Imperatives of Great Leaders.  In this half day workshop (supervisors only) you will be introduced to the 4 Imperatives which are essential to great leadership in the Knowledge Worker Age: Inspiring Trust, Clarifying Purpose, Aligning Systems, and Unleashing Talent. This workshop includes an extensive 360 feedback questionnaire which needs to be completed before you come to the workshop, therefore you must register by January 15th.  There is a $40.00 fee for this workshop for the cost of the Franklin Covey materials.   Facilitated by Harley Blake.  To register:  My Account/My Workday/Employee Training/Current Campus Training.  To register:  My Account/My Workday/Employee Training/Current Campus Training.​2/12/168:30am - 12:30pm​​Rowe 229
The 5 Choices of Extraordinary Productivity.  The difference between extraordinary and average is a choice…actually 5 choices to be precise!  Welcome to Franklin Covey's time management workshop for the 21st Century!  Drawing from up to date brain science research and their foundational principles of personal and organizational effectiveness, this two day workshop focuses in on the skills of decision, attention, and energy management to weather the dramatic storm of 21st century distractions and demands.  The cost of  $150 includes two lunches, and high quality materials to help keep you on track. Facilitated by Harley Blake.  To register:  My Account/My Workday/Employee Training/Current Campus Training.​2/17/16​8:30am - 5:00pm​Rowe 229
Difficult Conversations.  We've all been there. We need to talk, but we would rather not! Whether it's about performance, discipline, emotions, or the neighbor's dog, the struggle of what to say and how to say it weighs heavy. Utilizing principles and ideas from a variety of resources, this workshop will explore the dynamics of what is involved in this kind of conversation, and review practical ways to make them less stressful and more productive. Facilitated by Harley ​Blake.​  To register:  My Account/My Workday/Employee Training/Current Campus Training.​2/23/15​9:00am - 12:00pm​Rowe 229
Unleashing Talent.  Release the potential and passion of your team members.  This workshop will coach you in how to have three particular kinds of conversations with each of your team members:  1. Voice - help your team members to discover their unique talents and contributions.  2.  Performance - Clarify desired results and accountability as employees carry out their work.  3.  Clear the Path.  Be a source of help for a person to be able to succeed and thrive in their job.  This Franklin Covey workshop is for supervisors only and has a fee of $40, and includes extra take home videos, resources and a 21 day challenge to ensure you follow through on the action plans you make during the course.  ​Facilitated by Harley Blake.  To register:  My Account/My Workday/Employee Training/Current Campus Training.​03/4/16​8:30am - 12:30pm​​Rowe 229
7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  This intensive, two-day Franklin Covey workshop provides participants with a robust and tactical implementation plan to fully integrate the 7 Habits into their lives. It is designed for anyone looking to become a more effective person, both at work and at home ​- regardless of your occupation, position, or stage in life. You'll learn how to improve focus, communication, and balance for yourself and your organization; how to develop professional relationships for productive collaboration; and gain skills for increasing productivity by staying focused on the right things. The cost is $150 and covers the high quality Franklin Covey materials as well as two lunches.  Facilitated by Harley Blake and Kim Voisin.  To register:  My Account/My Workday/Employee Training/Current Campus Training.​03/29/16
8:30am - 5pm9

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