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The Art of Listening Effectively
Few would ever deny the importance of listening in effective communication, yet how much formal education or training is given to this critical skill? The brief presentation provides two questions that will help in making listening efforts more focused and intentional, and gives an introduction to three skills that can be further researched and practiced for more effective listening.

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The Dynamics of Change and Transitions
To better understand the dynamics that are involved in a major change process, an overview of three different models of transitions are presented. Each stage of a transition is then looked at in more detail to identify action steps to help navigate that stage more successfully. The presentation then concludes with eight tips for managing a team through a major change initiative.

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20 minutes
Identity Theft Red Flag Training
This program has been developed to monitor and address "Installment Payment" accounts for "red flag" indicators that a person's identity may have been stolen.  All CMU offices that administer such accounts need to view this training to learn what the program is and what to look for. Presented by Mary Roy, General Counsel's Office.
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18 minutes
Lines of Reasoning​
Perspectives on harrasment in higher education.
​20 min
Performance Review Cycle

Watch this short video presentation to better understand the performance review cycle at CMU including the start of the review cycle in July, mid-year check in January, and how to provide ongoing feedback throughout the year.  Presented by Harley Blake, Manager of Professional Development Programs.
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10 minutes




Stress Management  
Join us for a lively discussion with Mike Ohrens from Encompass! Topics include personality traits that contribute to stress, identifying what we can and cannot control, commonly prescribed medications and life style change alternatives, and an overview of resources which Encompass provides. 

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86 minutes
​Smart Taming Email and Office Clutter Beasts
Randy Dean is back to share about how we can utilize our Outlook and Email more effectively and make great gains in our productivity as a result. Randy will also include some content from his new program "From Distracted to Productive", where he will talk about some of the most critical areas of distraction in today's frenetic world -- including e- mail distraction, interruptions, social media, and more – and how to address it. Links to the session can be found here: Part 1
  and  Part 2    Manual  Top Ten E-mail Timesavers                   Methodical Daily Regimen
3 1/2 hours

Smart Phones and Terrific Tablets
In this session, Randy Dean will combine two of his popular programs-- Smart Phone Success & Terrific Tablets, and Getting More Productivity from "the Cloud". We'll discuss some of the apps and services that can allow you to be productive anytime, anywhere using your smart phones, tablets, and other computing devices (yes, including that ol' laptop or desktop!) We will also talk about the configuration of apps and services on your phone and tablet devices that may allow them to do much of the work you are currently doing on your traditional computer.  Links to the session can be found here:  Part 1  and  Part 2 

 Manual    Configuring Your Smart Phone


2 1/2 hours​

Assault and Personal Safety
Officer Tim Prout of the CMU Police Department details what to do on campus to prevent assault and ensure personal safety.

3 minutes

Bomb Threats
Officer Tim Prout of the CMU Police Department discusses how to respond to potential bomb threats at the university.
3 minutes
On Campus Injuries 
Tammy Griffin, Manager of Health and Wellness, in the Central Health Improvement Programs reviews three steps to reporting workers' compensation injuries on campus.
6 minutes
Active Shooter   Officer Jeff Ballard of the CMU Police Department shares best practices for responding to an active shooter situation on campus. 3 minutes
Flashpoint: Recognizing and Preventing Violence in the Workplace

This video will help you learn how to identify and address behaviors of concern in the workplace.  Narrators from the Center for Personal Protection and Safety discuss myths of workplace violence, the violence spectrum, and prevention techniques.
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20 minutes
Shots Fired: When Lightning Strikes - Guidance for Surviving an Active Shooter Situation

This video intends to instill the survival mindset and teach realistic strategies for dealing with an active shooter situation.  Narrators from the Center for Personal Protection and Safety provide options for action and awareness.
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20 minutes