Performance Review Conversation Training

Performance conversations can at times be difficult, yet there are few things in your job responsibilities that are of greater importance. Simply put, nothing impacts your employees and team effectiveness more than you and your relationship with your employees!

This training is specifically designed for the supervisor, and will cover the 4 basic needs of every employee, and what you can do through the Performance Review Process to best meet those needs.

This training will cover:
1. Current state of the Performance Review process at CMU as revealed by survey results.
2. The four needs of every employee that can be met through effective Performance Conversations.
3. Tools and techniques that will help to meet those needs.
4. A very brief overview of the contents of the new online tool (details are covered in 'how to login and use' below).

Open workshops will be periodically o
ffered on Performance Review Conversation training. Dates for those trainings, when available, can be found on the Training Calendar.

To take this 2-hour training on the web, click the link below.

Performance Conversations Training Online

It is recommended that you print out the manual for note taking before viewing the video. Once the viewing window is open, please click the ‘Links’ tab to access the ‘Performance Conversations Manual’ and ‘Scenarios’ documents.

Flash version also available (Mac compatible). Start this presentation and click on the ‘Links’ tab. For portable media players: WMV, MP3, MP4 (Video iPod), and AVI (iRiver Clix) files are available.

Thank you for your hard work and dedication to making a difference here at CMU, and making the time to support this important initiative!

Also available! Training on how to login and use the Performance Review tool.

If you are interested in training for an entire unit or department, please contact Harley Blake at 774-1075 or