Health Coverage Options Following Retirement

You may have several health coverage options to consider during retirement. The information below gives a general overview of some of those options, and you are strongly encouraged to review all of your options before making a decision.

Health Insurance After Retirement Presentation


If you were enrolled in any of the CMU health coverages (medical/prescription drug, dental or vision), you and your covered dependents have the right to continue the same coverage under COBRA for these plans beyond the time the coverage would normally end. A COBRA letter will be mailed to you within two weeks after you retire with detailed information about this continuation coverage and your costs. CMU does not make a contribution toward COBRA coverage, so your costs will be the full premium plus a 2% administrative fee.
You will have 60 days from the date the COBRA letter was sent to you to properly elect this continuation coverage. Generally, medical, prescription drug, dental and/or vision coverage may be continued for up to 18 months after your retirement date. Click here for more details: COBRA.


Generally, you are eligible for Medicare if you or your spouse worked for at least 10 years in Medicare-covered employment and you are 65 years or older and a citizen or permanent resident of the United States. If you aren't yet age 65, you might also qualify for coverage if you have a disability or with End-Stage Renal disease (permanent kidney failure requiring dialysis or transplant).
IMPORTANT: Most retiree health plans will require you and your Medicare eligible dependents to be enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B. The retiree health plan will also advise you as to whether you should enroll in Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage. Therefore, it is important to consult with the administrator of your retiree health coverage to determine whether you and your Medicare eligible dependents should enroll in Medicare coverage. Additional information on Medicare is available at:

MPSERS Participants:

As a qualifying MPSERS retiree, you are offered medical, prescription drug, dental and vision coverage for you and your eligible dependents directly through MPSERS. Any insurance cost will be deducted from your monthly MPSERS pension check. MPSERS requires that you and any eligible dependents to be enrolled in Medicare Part A and B once eligible, but you should not enroll in a separate Medicare Part D plan. Additional information on health coverage through MPSERS is available at:

MESSA Coverage (Regular Faculty only):

You may continue your medical/prescription drug coverage through the MESSA Direct Pay option in retirement for yourself and eligible dependents. The cost of coverage can be obtained by contacting MESSA; you are responsible for paying the full cost of the premium directly to MESSA for this coverage. If you are eligible for Medicare, you should contact MESSA to find out whether you should enroll in Medicare coverage, and to get information about Limited Medicare Supplemental plan offered through MESSA. To contact MESSA call: 1-888-888-4599.

Other Coverage Options for Consideration:

You may wish to explore other health coverage options such as:

  • Coverage on your spouse‚Äôs plan offered through his/her employer or retirement plan.
  • Coverage available to you through a previous employer and/or military service.
  • Coverage available to you through the Healthcare Marketplace at
  • If you are eligible for Medicare, then you may wish to consider Medicare supplemental plans available through a variety of sources, such as AARP, Blue Cross Blue Shield, etc.  The Commission on Aging in your area will usually assist Medicare eligible individuals with identifying and selecting an appropriate Medicare supplemental plan.