2021 Staff & 12-Month Faculty Wellness Days Q&A

How many Wellness Days will I receive?

Three Wellness Days will be provided to benefit-eligible, 100% FTE staff and 12-month faculty. Wellness Days for part-time employees will be pro-rated based on FTE appointment. (Note:  100% FTE staff on 12-hour schedules will be eligible for two 12-hour days off (i.e., 24 hours) – equivalent to the three 8-hour days off for staff on 8-hour schedules). 

When can I request to use my Wellness Days?

Staff & Faculty Wellness Days must be taken between the end of the 2021 Spring Semester (May 8, 2021) and the start of the 2021 Fall Semester (August 30, 2021). Eligible employees who hold an academic year appointment that include a period of unpaid summer leave of absence have until the end of the 2021 Fall Semester (December 18, 2021) to take their Wellness Days. 

Can unused Wellness Days be paid out or carry over? 

Days not taken during the usage period outlined above do not carry over beyond August 30,2021 (December 18, 2021 for eligible staff employees who hold academic year appointments that include a period of unpaid summer leave of absence) and will not be paid out if left unused. 

Can I take my Wellness Days on any day during the usage period? 

Wellness Days may be taken individually or may be taken consecutively. The actual dates on which you take your Wellness Days must be approved by your supervisor. 

In what increments can I use my Wellness Days? 

Wellness Days must be taken as full days, not in increments of less than your normal workday. This is intended to provide eligible employees with an uninterrupted, duty free, contact free break from the demands of the workplace.

How should I track and record my Wellness Days? 

Wellness Days should be entered in TimeClock Plus on the request screen using a newly created leave code/task titled "Wellness Day". You and your supervisor will be responsible for ensuring the appropriate number of Wellness Days are taken.

If I am a new hire, will I still receive Wellness Days? 

Yes, all benefit eligible staff and 12-month faculty will receive Wellness Days.