Human Resource Forms

 By Name (Alphabetical)

Address Change Instructions
Address Change
AFSCME Contract Administration
Catastrophic Leave
Campus ID (CentralCard)
Dental Claim Form
Dependent Care Receipt Form
Disposition of Duties Form (for position elimination or FTE reduction)
Employee Self-Identification Information Sheet
Employment Verification Form (Staff, Students, Temporaries, and Volunteers)
Employment Verification Form-Working with Minors (Current employees only)
Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)​
FSA Direct Deposit (General Agency)
FSA Request for Reimbursement (General Agency)
FSA Reimbursement Claim Form (BASIC)
FSA Reimbursement Online (BASIC)
Hartford Evidence of Insurability
HSA Contribution Change Form (submit directly to Benefits Office)
HSA Certification Form (For Staff, Fixed-term Faculty, CMED, Postdoctoral Research Fellows) (no application required for CMU contribution)
I-9 Employment Eligibility  (printable form​)  (fillable form)​​  (policy)​  (instructions)
Independent Contractor Hiring Selection
MESSA Beneficiary Form (submit directly to MESSA)
MPSERS Beneficiary Designation
Name change - Preferred
New Employee Checklist
Payroll Forms​
Performance Evaluation - Management (all forms & guides)
Personnel Transaction
Position Creation/Elimination
Probationary Review Form
Progressive Discipline Form
Reclassification Request
Reference Check Questions
Retirement Outside Contribution Disclosure Form
Retirement Irrevocable Choice Form
Request for Union Leave
Sample Expectations
Separation Checklist
Status Change Form
Student Employment Forms
Supplemental Assignment Pay
Telecommuting Agreement
Telecommuting Checklist
Temporary Employee Hire Forms
TIAA On-line Enrollment Applications
Travel Voucher
Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability
Volunteer Waiver of Liability and Release
Waiver of Representation Rights
Work Accommodation ( PDF) ​​​​