2020 Police Oversight Committee Nominees

Shannon M. Jolliff-Dettore

Director/LGBTQ Services and Gender Equity Programs - Student Affairs

Statement of Interest

I am interested in the Police Oversight Committee due to the positive working relationship I have built with our CMU police department.  With over 10 years of campus experience, I have had many opportunities to work with the department in a variety of manners.  One opportunity included facilitating a training with the PD staff, a welcomed and enjoyable experience.  Based upon my positive working relationship with the CMU police department, I look forward to the opportunity to serve on this committee and, by so doing, support the University.  


I have served as the director of The Office of LGBTQ Services and Gender Equity Programs for over 10 years.  My position allows the opportunity to build relationships across campus, encouraging an inclusive and supportive community here at CMU for all students, faculty, and staff.  My work includes supporting LGBTQ students, faculty, and staff, facilitating classroom speaker panels and presentations, facilitating various trainings on campus and in the local community, and program development. 

Keith Malkowski

Registrar, Registrar's Office - Student Recruitment & Retention

Statement of Interest

My interest in serving in this capacity aligns with my role as Registrar on several key fronts. First, as a key party responsible for student data and various compliance standards concerning that data I am often engaged in sensitive situations where students, faculty and staff situations intersect in times of conflict or tragedy. I also am a strong collaborator with CMU PD and General Counsel and the President's Office when current or past student situations arise to ensure timely collection and interpretation of data and policies as necessary. 


I joined CMU as Registrar June 2015. Prior to joining CMU, I served as Registrar at Delta College along with other administrative roles between 2001 – 2015. In addition to serving CMU on numerous committees, I also have served as a committee member and Chair of the Registrars Practices Committee within the Michigan Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (MACRAO). I have also served, via committee membership, and been a presenter with the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO). I have a BA in History from Northern Michigan University and a MA in History from Marquette University. 

Nikita Murry

Director/Diversity Education - President's Division

Statement of Interest

In my role as director for the Office of Diversity Education, I have the welcomed responsibility to help create a campus culture that is equitable, inclusive, and respectful all those who engage as part of the CMU community. I see the opportunity to participate as part of the independent civilian oversight committee for the CMU PD as part of the universal objective to foster diversity through civility and reciprocity. 

My understanding is that it's the committee's role to hear complaints concerning the actions of the CMU Police Department from members of the campus and surrounding communities; make recommendations to the Director/CMU PD about the disposition of those complaints; and serve as an advisory body and liaison to the Department. Here are some of my experiences that will help with that mission: 

  1. Training as a licensed professional counselor and counselor educator emphasize supporting processes that encourage active listening, purposeful mediation, and person-centered solutions. 
  2. Training and practice in restorative principles such that a broader format of justice can be utilized as part of addressing harm outside of a punishment lens. 
  3. Facilitation and Intergroup Dialogue training that helps to ensure all voices in an experience are recognized even when discourse or disagreement is present. This contribution is critical in the current climate where the potential exists for one audience to feel less heard than another. This can be the case with both civilians and officers. 

I will close here in recognition of the request to keep letters of interest brief; however please know that my personal and professional skills and experiences extend beyond the three areas most relevant to the position. 


Dr. Nikita Murry is a well-regarded advocate, educator, and bridge-builder. Currently, she directs the Office of Diversity Education at Central Michigan University. In this role, Dr. Murry uses workshops and trainings to support university efforts towards ensuring an equitable and inclusive environment exists for students, employees, and the greater community.

She earned her doctorate in counselor education and supervision from Western Michigan University.

Dr. Murry is an alumna of CMU having earned a master of arts degree in professional counseling/school counseling from the institution. She holds a professional counseling license in the state of Michigan and specializes several areas, including social justice, trauma and healthy sexuality. She also is a certified school counselor.

In her personal time, she runs a non-profit called The Go BACK Project, which is based on Building Academically Competent Kids through volunteerism and advocacy. She also works with families of color on developing healthy relationships and restorative justice principles. Nikita remains passionate about helping teens and women overcome life challenges in order to become the person of their dreams. Overall, she has served as a grassroots advocate for women and children of color for 30 years.

Nikita sits on the board of the Michigan Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence, serves as the social action chair for the Midland (MI) Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., works with the Midwest Women's Leadership Advisory Board for Young Life, and actively participates in spiritual development through Faith Ministries Church in Midland. 

Lisa Wendland

Director/Digital Strategy, University Communications - President's Division

Statement of Interest

I would be honored to serve the community by joining the oversight committee offering my objective perspective combined with my professional skills and experience. 


My name is Lisa Wendland, I am the Director of Digital Strategy here at Central Michigan University. I have over ten years of experience in digital marketing with over eight years in agency work. In my professional career, every organization I partnered with, public or private, required an understanding of legal and social issues to address constituents' concerns in marketing, messaging and media. In my spare time, I enjoy paddling around on Michigan waterways with my husband and two sons.