SEAP Past Recipients


Daniel Benjamin - Biology Dr. Joyce Carter - Academic Assistance Program
Gregory DeLauro - Libraries Daniel Dinius - Department of Public Safety
Francis Dysinger - University Counsel Randell Kapenga - Public Broadcasting
Marge Rau - Student Affairs Paulette Vanidour - Extended Degree Programs
Terry Viau - Accounting Services Barbara Webb - Dining Services


Sherry Burke - Payroll Darby Gwisdala - Campus Recreational Services
Dale Jarman - Computer Sciences Terri Nelson - Public Relations
Earl Pruitt - CEL, Ft. McPherson Nancy Ridley - Budget & Planning
Cynthia Schumacher - Internal Audit Deborah Slade - Provost
Cindy Smith - Facilities Management Pam Stambersky - Business Administration


Christopher Bradshaw - Printing Services Nancy Cooley - Academic Affairs
Annette Davis - History Gwendolyn Dennis - Extended Degree Programs
Laurie Ecker - Chemistry Kimberly Page - Attorney's Office
Sharon Russell - President's Office Charlet Sanders - Payable Accounting
Cindy Smith - Management Information Systems Jennie Vickers - Student Publications


Etta MacDonagh-Dumler - Human Resources Jane M. Fox - Industrial Engineering & Technology
Carl Leonard - University Stores Teri Rau - Business & Finance
Tom Spence - Facilities Management Caral Turner - Faculty Personnel Services
Christopher Viers - International Education Ruth Wentworth - University Events
Marcy Weston - Athletics Marjorie Williams - Academic Senate


Robert Barclay - Public Relations & Marketing Margaret Brisbane - Public Relations & Marketing
Marvin L. Dutmers - Facilities Management Susan N. Helms - Provost's Office
Michelle L. Howard - Academic Advising Polly J. Hoyt - Facilities Management
Petra Krull - Staff Personnel Services William J. Maher - CEL
James V. Mitchell - Minority Affairs Pamela Pfau - Counseling Center
Kimberly A. Wagester - Receivable Accounting


Mary Ellen Coldwell, Human Resources Joyce Joslin, Faculty Personnel Services
Diane Craven, Athletics Candace Maylee, Human Environmental Studies
Linda Dielman, Public Broadcasting Alan McArthur, CMU Police
Vicki Ebner, Marketing & Hospitality Services Adm. Linda Perry, College of Science & Technology
Gerald Edgar, Libraries Delores Porter, Facilities Management
Dorothy Ellertson, CEL Diane Robertson, College of Graduate Studies
Wilma Ervin, Dining Services Cindy Vautrin, SAP Project Team
Betty Wagner, Admissions


Cindy Borland, University Advancement Karen Hutslar, Registrar
Bob Champlin, BMW-Facilities Management Lori Kreiner, College of Communication & Fine Arts
Deborah Clearwater, Department of Economics Sharyl Majorski-Briggs, Department of Chemistry
Nancy deKryger, Academic Affairs Bernyce Moran, Libraries
Nancy Durham, Receivable Accounting David Nicholas, Public Broadcasting
Ayayi Fubara Eneli, Minority Student Services Pat Plumstead, University Advancement
Peter Gorton, Facilities Management Pat Podoll, Athletics
Mary Hill, Payroll Accounting Susan Russell, Printing Services
Melvin Taylor, College of Science & Technology


Maurice Bowman, Jr., Public Broadcasting John DenHeeten, Public Broadcasting
Patrick Donnelly, Music Ann Ellis, Chip ID Office
Kathy Feltman, CEL Donna Fisher, Computer Science
Shaun Holtgreive, Residence Life Barbara Houghton, Psychology
Patricia King, CEL-Flint Ronald Kriesche, Facilities Management
Amy L. Motz, University Advancement Linda Neely, Libraries
Cindy Rubingh, Receivable Accounting Lorraine Thompson, Counseling
Darel Vanderhoof, Public Broadcasting John Vinson, Police
Nick Williams, Athletics Juan Zamudio, Registrar's Office


Christine Alwood, Development & Alumni Relations Leigh Bartholomew, Residences & Auxiliary Services
Val Basney, Human Resources/ Employment Services Sherry Cole, Libraries
Christine Fauver, CEL Judy Flaugher, CEL
Traci Guinn, Minority Student Services Mary Halfmann, Human Resources/Employment Services
Janice Howell, Recreation, Parks & Leisure Services Sue Klumpp, Graduate Studies
Barbara Kowallic, University Center Bill Miller, Facilities Management
Lori Moon, Teacher Education & Professional Development Susan Rademacher, President's Office
Claudia Schimmelman, Registrar's Office Connie Watson, Human Resources/ Professional & Career Development
Sandy Wilson, College of Communication & Fine Arts


Tracie Clapp, Finance & Law Sharon Horgan, CEL
Patricia Kierst, Journalism Elizabeth Lewis, Philosophy & Religion
Doris Ramsey, Speech Communication & Drama Deanna Vanbuskirk, Academic Advising
Jennifer Walton, College of Science & Technology Patricia Housley, Public Relations
Phyllis Powell, Affirmative Action John Sheffler, Public Broadcasting
Derek Van Der Merwe, Athletics Ron Elliott, Facilities Management
Courtney Traver, Budget & Planning Kim Voisin, Residence Life


Nancy Fox, Academic Affairs Arthur Fredericks, EHS, Center for Student Services
Frederick Kaiser, CEL Llara Martinez, Chemistry
Joan McDonald, Broadcast & Cinematic Arts Dawn Saxton, School of Music
Ricky Joe Steele, CEL Diane Thomas, Libraries
Kelly Bowers, Development & Alumni Relations Calvett Clark, Human Resources
Richard McCullough, University Center Anne Monroe, College of Health Professions
Linda Ray, Printing Services Crisanta Trevino, Facilities Management
Daniel Digmann, Public Relations & Marketing Cynthia Drake, Public Relations & Marketing
Paul Seestedt, Athletics


Jeremy Bond, ProfEd Betty Benzinger, Police
Sheila Roupe, Communications and Dramatic Arts Lori Wangberg, Student Health Services
Krista Jenson, ProfEd Lori Hella , Human Resources
Sara Gray Kramer, Athletics Carol Swan, English Language and Literature
Angie Messer, Development & Alumni Relations Mark Clare , Refrigeration and Control
Ann Miller, Faculty Personnel Services Mike Silverthorn , Public Relations & Marketing
Wenday McCalep-Edwards, Upward Bound Renee Papelian, EHS Center for Student Services
Marcie Otteman, Admissions


Donna Blem, Benefits and Wellness Lori Block, Educational Materials Center
Jamie L. H. Brown, Student Life David Bunting, Development & Alumni Relations
Darlene Jenkins, Athletics Sue Eiszler, Teacher Education & Professional Development
Kim Gribben, Master of Science Administration Michael Guy, Admissions
Shu Lu, Scholarships & Financial Aid Mark Lagerwey, Public Relations and Marketing
Charla Miller, President's Office Laura McGuire, Academic Affairs
Jeff Pickler, Police Susan M. Parsons, Accounting Services
Eileen Sanders, Faculty Center for Innovative Teaching Brian Roberts, Faculty Center for Innovative Teaching
Rick Westover, Public Broadcasting Barbara Taylor, Faculty Personnel Services
Patty Zuker, Facilities Management Michael Wilson, Printing Services


Denise M. Abbey, English Language and Literature Brian K. Acheson,Development and Alumni Relations
Kara L. Beery, Academic Affairs Daniel J. Bracken, Faculty Center for Innovative Teaching
Kendra S. Brown,ProfEd Bonnie Denman-Morden, Building Services
Krystal Fischer, Police Barbara Lindley,Registrar's Office
Denise Malley,Student Health Services Gail A. Moore, College of Science & Technology
Brenda Randall,Government Relations and Public Affairs Thomas E. Schultz, Biology
Stan L. Shingles, University Recreation Marsha J. Simpson, Libraries - Access Services
Steve Smith, Public Relations and Marketing Sarah Whitman, Athletics


Terry Bellinger, Facilities Management Patricia Cotter, Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Elaine First, Registrar's Office
Mary Jane Flanagan, President's Office
Bob Garcia, Admissions
Jeff Hyames, Career Services
Dan Lehr, Facilities Management Loretta Moran, Student Health Services
Marykaye Murphy, President's Office Amy Powell, Communication & Dramatic Arts
Kelly Preece, FACIT Brenda Pung, Athletics
Craig Reynolds, Research & Sponsored Programs
Joan Schmidt, Residence Life
Heather Smith,Public Relations and Marketing
Sherry Sytek, Human Resources
Craig Willey, Athletics Kristi Wood, Health Professions
Melinda Zeneberg, School of Music


Connie Camp, University Center
Mike Dabbs, Athletics
Dan Garver, Residence Life East Quad
Debbie Goodwin, Libraries - Business Services
Amy Gouin, Public Relations & Marketing Dykstra Heinze, Leadership Institute
Jon Humiston, President's Office Scott Kinsley, College of Communication & Fine Arts
Daniel Koefoed, School of Music Derek Leib, Help Desk-OIT
Jane Losey, Orientation Robert McCormick, Building Services
Brian J. Partie Jr., Career Services Hannah Smoker, Athletics
Jill St. Onge, Charter Schools Carolyn Studebaker, College of Graduate Studies
Keith Voeks, University Events Mark Wilson, Physics
Mary Lu Yardley, Development & Alumni Relations


Donna Ahlers, Mathematics
Sarah Avery, Multicultural Education Program
Jesse Barber, Registrar's Office Pat Barbour, Libraries
Bernadette Bland, Office of Dean of Students Beth Embrey, Human Environmental Studies
Jamie Fockler, Psychology Karen Godwin, Residence Life
Judy Idema, Honors Program Doug Klumpp, University Stores
Joan Maul, English Language and Literature Mary Lou Morey, Human Resources
Monica Mull, University Communications
Jean Rau, Development and Alumni Relations
Laura Rico, Police
Cynthia Schumacher, Charter Schools
Sheryl Sias, Carls Center
Ned Wernette, Facilities Management


Daniel Benjamin, Biology Jeannie Jackson, Civil Rights and Institutional Equity
Jeffrey Ballard, Police Jill Noch, Academic Senate
John Jackson, Help Desk - OIT Johnnie L. Boughner, Educational Materials Center
Laura Orta, Political Science Laurie A. Bahlke, Communication Disorders
Linda K. McClain, CBA - Student Services Lisa Benic, Office of Technology
Mark Taylor Long, Technical Services - OIT   
Patti Hohlbein, Sociology, Anthropology & Social Work
Ruth Helwig, Libraries - Library Systems Shelly Anne Martin, Building Services
William P. Martinez, Police


John Jacobson, School of Music Mary Jo Jones, Management
Denise Schafer, Master of Science Administration
Mary Szymula, Admissions
Susan E. Parker, Learning Management Systems Lynne L'Hommedieu, Academic Advising and Assistance
Gayla G. Overton, Biology Dee Carney, Building Services
Suzette C. Bechtel, Building Services Amber Schneider, Study Abroad
Tori Stevens, Career Services   
Michael Thomas Molter, Help Desk - OIT
Michael Jorgesen, School of Music Holly E. Whitehead, Study Abroad
​Patti Marie Travioli, Biology
​Eron Drake, Faculty Center for Innovative Teaching
​Kimberley Gribben, MSA Program​Bradley Wever, Governor John Engler Center for Charter Schools
​Jessica Lapp, College of Science & Technology​Lori Moon, Teacher Education & Professional Development
​Annette Davis, History​Karmen Grondin, Student Account Services and University Billing
​Kerry Harger, Communication & Fine Arts​Kathleen Galinski, Facilities Management
​Barbara Houghton, Psychology​Thomas Smith, Facilities Management
​Kay Purtill, Political Science​Kevin Williams, Admissions
​Joshua Simon
Office of Information Technology
​Laura Stermer 
Global Campus, Fort Leavenworth
​Rae Barrett, College of Humanities, Social & Behavioral Sciences
​ ​2013-2014
​Cathleen Williams, President's Office​Nate Jones, University Communication
​Rachel Esterline Perkins,
University Communications
​Jeanette Smith,
Student Activities and Involvement
​Clare Graham, Printing Services​Jeremy Claybaugh, Landscape Operations
​Suzanne Peffer, Admissions​Kenneth Rumsey, Honors
​Peggy Clerc, Counseling Center​Annie Sanders, Alumni Relations
​Rebecca Getchell,
Communication and Dramatic Arts
​Connie Detwiler
College of Communication and Fine Arts
​Lenora Calkins
Research and Sponsored Programs
​Kara Beery
College of Graduate Studies
​Brooke Helm
College of Science and Technology
​Michael Reuter
College of Education and Human Services
​Laura Stabler
The Governor John Engler Center
for Charter Schools
​Teresa Judge
College of Science and Technology
​Helen Zyonse, School of Accounting​Lauren Mungall, Global Campus
​Kathy Rise
Sociology, Anthropology & Social Work
​Jason Ricketts
Educational Leadership
​Kari Rojas, Global Campus
2014 - 2015 ​​
Blaine Bendele, University Communications​​Deborah Clark, Sponsored Programs
​Jennifer Cook,
 Gov. John Engler Center for Charter Schools
Robin Decker
Shannon Ebner-Buning
Center for Student Services/EHS
Traci Goldsworthy
​​John Gordon
CMU Biological Station
​Carol Hebert
School of Music
​Mary Henley
​Shari Jackson
Honors Program
​Courtney Johnson
Physical Education & Sport
Deanna Johnson
Residence Life
Shannon Jolliff
LGBTQ Services
Jason Kiley
Libraries - Library Systems
Sabrina Leppert
College of Science and Technology
Mary Montoye
Sponsored Programs​
Elizabeth Raleigh
College of Medicine
​Dorene Root
Registrar's Office
​Erin Smith-Gaken
​Kelly Stacy
Accounting Services
Vicki Steele
Registrar's Office
​Nicholas Williams
2015 - 2016​ ​
​Karen Arthur
Business Student Services
​Eric Bellmore
Library Systems
​Dinah Bird
Facilities Management
​Deborah Howard
Roxanne Jordan​
College of Education and Human Services
​Ann Miller
Faculty Personnel Services
​Shawna Ross
Mary Ellen Brandell Volunteer Center
​Derrick Stair
Governor John Engler
​Center for Charter Schools
2016 - 2017
​Caity Burnell
Museum Studies
​Ray Clark
Jamie Cotter​
Special Olympics Michigan
Michael P. Dabbs
Athletics - External Operations
​Rebecca Everitt
Academic Advising & Assistance
​Joseph Garrison
Financial Planning & Budgets
Deborah Geasler
Research Compliance
Maureen Harke
Honors Program​
Jennifer Jones​
Faculty Support & Assignment
​Ann Kucera
Library Systems
Thomas Latoski​
Facilities Management - Paint Shop
​Amber Marr
Physical Therapy
Lucus Reid​
Office of Information Technology
​Marc Robinson
Facilities Management - Paint Shop
​Jeff Scofield

2017 - 2018
Charmica L. Abinojar
College of Medicine​
Lorie Fox
Communication Sciences & Disorders​
Sarah S. Avery
Natural History/Museum Studies Program​
Sarah Hall
Office of Research & Graduate Studies​
Stephanie Bechtel
Faculty Support & Assignment​
John Kassuba
Residence Life​
Brad Brookens
University Stores/Warehouse Operations​
Jennifer A. Beck Nottingham
University Recreation​
Frank England
Mechanical Trades​
Stephanie Terrian
Counseling & Special Education​

​Stephanie Carroll
Accounting Services
Dan Koefoed
School of Music​
Kari Chrenka
Library Systems​
Jennifer Morneau
Office of Undergraduate Admissions​
Marybeth Denton
Master of Public Health Program​
​Betty Roethlisberger
Building Services
Charlotte Galgoci
Human Development & Family Studies​
​Shanna Wenzlick
​Jan Hines
Stewardship & Donor Relations
​Hillary Williams
Student Service Court


​Mark A. Blackmer
School of Engineering & Technology
Heidi Mahon
Student Services/CS&E​
​Nel Boose
College of Education & Human Services
​Jared Peless
Development & Maintenance - OIT
​Bernie Cesena
​Sarah Scoby
Office of Curriculum & Instructional Support
​Nicole M. Ferguson, Au.D., CCC-A
Audiology Services
Andrew Starner
Office of Curriculum & Instructional Support​
​Angela Fulk
Barb Steffke
Office of Curriculum & Instructional Support​
​Kayla Harber-Bates
​Jennifer Stilwell
Project Management - OIT
Gary Lane
Academic Computing - OIT
Michelle Veith
Student Disability Services​