Lee Cockerell Discussion Follow-up


As a follow-up to Lee Cockerell's visit to CMU, individuals and departments are encouraged to use the facilitation questions below in one-on-one conversations, small groups, staff meetings or other venues as appropriate. The purpose of these discussions is to keep Service Excellence and leadership development at the forefront, so that we can use what we have learned or had reinforced to enhance our work at CMU, going from good to great, or great to greater.

Discussion Prompts:

  • What key concept, example or story most resonated with you from Lee Cockerell's presentation?
  • What operation or practice came to mind when Lee was speaking?
  • Where will you work more intentionally within your circle of influence and "let it go" when it's not something you have control over?
  • What can you, your office, or your department do differently?
  • How or where can you better serve students or other internal or external customers?
  • What are the three priorities of your job? Office? Department? What's getting in the way of your pursuit of them?
  • Where can you increase clarity on expectations? Where can you increase accountability?
  • What are your take-aways and action items?​