Staff Excellence Award Program

staff excellence award

Nominations for the 2020 Staff Excellence Award are being accepted from Monday, March 2nd - Friday, May 1st! To complete a nomination, please visit our 2020 Staff Excellence Award Nomination Webpage

Background and Purpose of the Staff Excellence Award Program:

Central Michigan University is both fortunate and thankful that it has many excellent employees amongst its faculty and staff. Faculty are recognized for their contributions in the classroom and elsewhere through The Excellence in Teaching Award. Instituted in 1993, The Staff Excellence Award Program (SEAP) recognizes and rewards outstanding staff who routinely and regularly 1) Perform their work with excellence - "walk the talk," show initiative, and demonstrate passion in what they do, and 2) Serve people well - caring, compassionate and responsive to everyone: students, staff, faculty, or external customers (View CMU's service values here). 

The nomination process:

To obtain information related to the person's ability to 1) perform their work with excellence, and 2) Serve people well:

1.    The nominator is required to provide comments and specific examples in six areas related to the two overall criteria above.

2.    The nominator may provide additional letters of support from two other staff or faculty members who support the nomination. The nomination form has more details. 

Award Structure:  The recipient will receive a personalized plaque, university recognition at the fall Staff Excellence Award Program ceremony, and a one year pre-paid Senior Officer parking pass ($200 value).  In the event that the parking pass is of no value to the award recipient (e.g. they don't need or use a parking pass), a $200 gift card to the CMU Bookstore is the alternate award.   

Who may be nominated: Individuals in the service-maintenance, professional and administrative, office professional, public broadcasting, police, sergeants and supervisory-technical employee groups are eligible for nomination.

Process for nominations: Nominations for this award are gathered in March - April of the current academic year and are reviewed and rated by a review committee comprised of past recipients.  Award recipients are then finalized by division leaders and announced in August.

Submitting Nominations: During the March - April window when nominations are gathered, information instructions will be provided here on how to access and complete the nomination form.  There is no limit on the number of nominations an employee can receive. Nominees who have won an SEAP award less than 5 years ago may be nominated for the current year, but are not eligible to receive an award. 

Submit nominations utilizing the Staff Excellence Nomination Form. Nominations may be submitted throughout March and April. Instructions are provided on the nomination form. 

If you have any other questions about this program, please contact Sarah Venman at, or at x7194.  

Past Recipients:  View previous award winners here