CMU's Service Excellence Initiative

To Our Valued CMU Community:

We share a vital mission at Central Michigan University: Educating the next generation of leaders.

As a student-focused institution, CMU staff from the president on down must do everything we can to work together to ​ help students get the most from their education. How each of us interacts with students – and each other – matters.

To encourage us to be even better at what we do, the Service Excellence program began in 2001 to clarify and focus our efforts on four service values: 

respect, compassion, friendliness, fairness, helpfulness & cooperation

efficiency, organization, proactivity & reliability

accessibility, punctuality, engagement & attentiveness

commitment, accountability, responsiveness & ownership

What began in 1892 as a small college with 31 students has grown into one of the nation’s top universities. One of the major reasons for our success is a reputation for building relationships and trust with our colleagues and our students.

Service excellence helps us build better relationships by delivering even higher quality services. If you haven’t participated in service excellence programs, or if it’s been a while, please consider getting involved today.

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”
- Helen Keller