​Facilitating Service Excellence Discussions with Your Staff

As part of CMU Service Excellence, departments are encouraged to use the facilitation questions below at their staff meetings or other venues as appropriate.  The request is to spend at least 10 minutes each quarter talking about Service Excellence in a way that is meaningful to the department.  The purpose of these discussions is to keep Service Excellence at the forefront, identify areas of improvement, and acknowledge and maintain where service is already a strength, with departments continually taking steps to sustain and enhance their culture of service.

Quarter 1 Focus – What is our mindset or attitude about Service Excellence?

  • ​Service Excellence is a mindset and a culture – how does our department/area view customer service?
  • Who are our primary internal customers?  Our primary external customers?
  • How can we enhance our department/area’s attitude about service?
  • How do we show that our department/area is part of one CMU?
  • Lastly, what are our take-aways and action items?

Quarter 2 Focus – What are we doing to demonstrate commitment to Service Excellence?

  • How do we demonstrate being “heads up” meaning making eye contact, acknowledging others, keeping cell phones down or out of the way?  Where can we do more?
  • How do we demonstrate being “hands out” to meet and greet others?  Where can we do more?
  • What does our department/area do better than most in providing excellent customer service?  Where can we do more?  Where can we do better?
  • When/Where do we use the term “we” rather than me or them?
  • Lastly, what are our take-aways and action items?

Quarter 3 Focus – What results do we want to achieve from providing excellent service?

  • ​What do we want students and others to feel and say after they have interacted with our department/area?
  • What have we done to create an engaging, supportive community?
  • What can we measure to show that we are providing excellent service?
  • How can we tell that we’ve created a home away from home atmosphere?
  • Lastly, what are our take-aways and action items?

Quarter 4 Focus – Service Values Overview

  • ​What can we do to reinforce Care when we are interacting with customers?
  • What area(s) of Knowledge should we focus on expanding in the next year?
  • How/Where can we be more Available to our customers?
  • As a department/area, where can our Follow-Through be reinforced?
  • Lastly, what are our take-aways and action item