Actions for Living Out CMU's Service Values

​​​​​​How do you bring CMU's service values to life? Following the 15th Anniversary Service Excellence Celebration in October 2016, a top 5 list of service value behaviors was compiled based on suggestions from those in attendance. Over 300 students, staff and faculty contributed to the list of practical and meaningful behaviors that lead to excellent service for all. For a complete list of all the suggestions that were made, please click on the button at the bottom.  


Ordered by most frequently mentioned
  • Actively listen (Listening to listen, not listening to respond)
  • Smile
  • Go out of your way “the extra mile” to be helpful
  • Asking questions and listen to their response
  • Greet people and say hello


Ordered by most frequently mentioned
  • Know your resources
  • Know the campus and be able to give directions
  • Willingness/continuation of learning
  • Share experiences
  • Ask questions


Ordered by most frequently mentioned
  • Be attentive, mentally present, be focused
  • Answer/respond to emails and phone calls in a timely manner
  • Flexible
  • Be willing to help
  • Be approachable


Ordered by most frequently mentioned
  • Keep your word, do what you say you are going to do, accountability, honor commitments
  • Verifying if things got done/follow-up
  • Timely/prompt responses to emails and phone calls
  • Be a resource
  • Making connections
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