Departmental Work Study Report Instructions

Important General Information
  • All SAP Users have access to the Departmental Work Study Report.
  • The report will give you several pieces of vital information, including the student employee's work study award amount and earnings-to-date.
  • A work study student will not appear on the report until that student has earnings.
  • Work study award amounts are updated nightly.  (But, again, not accessible until the student has had earnings.)
  • Earnings on the report are updated every two weeks after the current payroll is run and released.  For specific dates, please visit Payroll's Website.
  • There are three work study award periods in the fiscal year.  Chronologically, they are:  Summer II (SUM 2), Academic Year (ACAD) and Summer I (SUM 1).

Accessing the Report
There are two ways to access the report:
1)  Type in "ZPA_ZPRPA007" in the field on the upper left of any SAP screen,
2)  On your User Menu, go to:  Reports (folder):  Students (folder):  Dept Student Work Study.
Execute and the following SELECTION SCREEN will appear:

Executing the Report
 On the Selection Screen enter a PROCESSING DATE.  To view the latest data for the current award period, enter today's date.
Then enter either a student PERSONNEL NUMBER (Campus ID#) or a COST CENTER.

The report will display in less than a minute (usually a matter of seconds.)  When it comes up, it will look like the following:

The report is simple but contains useful and vital information.
Across the top:
  • The PROCESSING DATE:  In the example:  12/13/2007
  • The AID YEAR:  2007-08
  • The AID PERIOD:  ACAD (Academic Year)
  • The dates of the Academic year:  08/26/2007 TO 05/03/2008
  • The date through which the information is updated:  The earnings on this particular report are UPDATED THROUGH THE PAY PERIOD ENDING:   12/01/2007.
The body of the report contains:
  • The student's NAME
  • The student's Campus ID Number (PERS #)
  • The student's work study AWARD AMOUNT
  • The student's EARNINGS through the pay period specified at the top right (in the example:  12/01/2007)
  • BALANCE of the student's work study award for the award period (in this case the Academic year).

All of the information is important, but the award amount is particularly so.  If a student's work study award is reduced for any reason, you can be aware of it within 24 hours by accessing the report.

Changes in work study award amounts are updated nightly.  We encourage departments to review all of their students' work study award amounts frequently.

An award reduction that goes unnoticed may mean you will need to cover earnings with GSA funding instead.  


Student employees who have work study earnings in more than one department will appear on the report with EARNINGS from your cost center only; however, the AWARD AMOUNT will be the total for both departments. 

Typically, a Work Study Share Form is routed between the two departments and an agreement is reached about how much of the award each department will utilize.

The work study report can help you if you want to know if  a student employee is earning work study funds in more than one department:

Bring up the SELECTION SCREEN.  Enter a PROCESSING DATE and the student's PERSONNEL NUMBER (Campus ID #).


The report will list students under all of the cost centers for which they have work study earnings.  Remember, earnings will be for that individual cost center while the award amount is in total.

In the example, Joe Student has a total work study award of $2000.00 and not $4000.00.


If you have further questions, please contact us:
Student Employment Services
Bovee University Center, 121
Phone:  989.774.3881
Fax:  989.774.4480

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