Forms for Supervisors
The forms for new hires, rehires, changes and terminations are now accessed online through Personnel Transactions.
Use for documentation of verbal or written counseling of a student employee.
Use this if you are evaluating a student employee's performance.
Use this only if you are creating a new position in your department.
This form is a tool to help supervisors complete the termination process as thoroughly as possible. Sending a copy to Student Employment Services upon completion is optional.
Use this form to adjust a student's wage rate during a semester.  If you are adjusting a rate at the beginning of a semester you can enter the new rate on the hire form.

Word Document Versions
Use this form to hire a student for your department. 
Use for changes in cost center, task number and/or wage (only if wage was input incorrectly.)
Use this to document a student termination or resignation that occurs at graduation and/or during a semester/enrollment period.
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