Forms for Supervisors

Forms below are available for functions outside of the standard hiring process.
Forms for new hires, rehires, changes and terminations are accessed online through Personnel Transactions.
Use for documentation of verbal or written counseling of a student employee.
Use this if you are evaluating a student employee's performance.
Use this only if you are creating a new position in your department.
This form is a tool to help supervisors complete the termination process as thoroughly as possible. Sending a copy to Student Employment Services upon completion is optional.
Use this form to adjust a student's wage rate during a semester.  If you are adjusting a rate at the beginning of a semester you can enter the new rate on the hire form.

Word Document Versions
Use this form to hire a student for your department. 
Use for changes in cost center, task number and/or wage (only if wage was input incorrectly.)
Use this to document a student termination or resignation that occurs at graduation and/or during a semester/enrollment period.
NOTE: Campus Dining students terminated as non-rehireable cannot work in Campus Dining while enrolled, but may apply for other employment opportunities.