Half Sheet Instructions

The Student Hire Form (the "Half Sheet") is simple and thorough.  It tells our office everything we need to know to hire your students. 

Keep details organized on half-sheets, especially if including 2 or more tasks and rates.  Do only ONE cost center per half-sheet; multiple cost centers require multiple half-sheets. Half-sheets must include last name, first name AND campus ID number.  Half-sheets must include the initials of the person filling out the information.  Blue or black ink only.  No pencil or colored ink. 

Name:  Last name, first name of the student hire
Campus ID Number:  Write this number carefully and clearly
SSN:  The Social Security number is helpful for awarding Work Study; it is necessary only if Campus ID or birthdate is unavailable.
HS Student, Undergrad or Grad:  Check one.  High school students must complete Work Permits in our office.
Birthdate:  The birthday of the student hire
GA Assignment:  Check only if the student is a Grad Assistant.
Have you applied for Financial Aid:  'Yes' indicates an opportunity to award Work Study.
Local Address:  The Hall or location in Mount Pleasant.
Permanent Address:  The residence where W-2s are sent.

Assigned employment in
Unit:  Your restaurant or dining office
Cost Center:  The five digit department code that pays the student
Position:  The job title of the student
Job Code:  The task code ("job number") the student will work under
Wage:  The hourly rate of pay
Begin Payroll Period:  The first day of the two week Pay Period in which the student begins work.  Always a Sunday.
End Date:  The last day of the final two week Pay Period in which the student ends work.  Always a Saturday.

(Together, Begin Payroll Period and End Date constitutes a Hiring Period.  Generally speaking, there are only two Hiring Periods for Campus Dining:  Academic Year and Summer.  These periods may be broken into semesters or smaller.  The smallest time frame a student may be hired is two weeks, aka one pay period.)
Level:  The level a pay the student is working within.  I, II, III or IV.
Class Schedule:  Indicates when the student is unavailable for shifts
Completed by:  Indicates who should be contacted with questions regarding the hire.