Forms for Res/Aux Supervisors

ResLife now accesses forms through Personnel Transactions for hires, changes and terminations.

Job Postings
The first step in hiring a student is posting your department's vacant position.  Complete the online Job Posting Form for SES and click submit.  Your posting is then advertised on our website, on Facebook and on the bulletin board outside our office.  Students interested contact your department directly or as specified.  In addition, SES hosts a Virtual Job Fair annually from May 15 - August 24.
Half Sheets - Campus Dining
After an employee is hired by Campus Dining, a Half Sheet must be completed.  Half Sheets are available in Student Employment, Bovee UC 121.  The student completes the top-left section and class schedule portion of the form.  Managers/Student Managers are required to complete the bottom-left section.  The top copy (the "floppy copy") of the half sheet is sent to Student Employment Services before the student begins work.  The bottom copy (cardstock) is retained in the student's file within your department.

Half Sheet Instructions

Refer to the Res/Aux Employee Task List (Excel) for completion of all half sheets.  On the half sheet, "job code" and "level" utilize this task list.  It is important to use the appropriate codes and levels for each position.  If a wage is unknown, view Student Wages & Pay for further information.

Wage Adjustments & Change Requests - Campus Dining

Wage Adjustments (promotions or demotions) can be completed for a student by putting the new wage on the Wage Adjustment form.  Wage adjustments should comply with departmental scales and not exceed 8% per year.  If a student is promoted, the wage adjustment may exceed 8%. To view employee rates and raises, refer to Student Wages & Pay.

A manager can use the Change Request form if a wage was entered incorrectly and must be changed. Forms must be dropped off at the Student Employment Office, Bovee 121.

Students wishing to change a permanent home address for W-2 purposes may do so on CentralLink. 

Wage Adjustment Form (Word)
Change Request Form (Word)


If a student resigns, graduates or is terminated for any reason, a Termination form must be completed.  A copy of the form should be made for the student's file in the department office.  It is vital to indicate either a resignation or a termination. 

If the student can be rehired, check the 'yes' box.  Campus Dining students terminated as non-rehireable cannot work in Campus Dining while enrolled, but can apply for other employment opportunities. 

Verify the employment dates by referring to the student's half sheets.  Enter the beginning payroll date for the very first day of hire, and enter the ending payroll date for terminated.  This keeps the student employment file accurate.  Remember, additional comments are always appreciated. 

For questions regarding correct employment dates, please check the Pay Schedule.

Termination Form (Word)

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