Statement of Rights & Responsibilities

This is to welcome you as a student employee of Central Michigan University. You will be performing work that is important to students, faculty, and staff, and the university as a whole. To function as an integral part of the University, it is important you clearly understand the rules and regulations applying to all student employees.


Student employees are expected to report to their assigned supervisor at the beginning of each work shift. Students will be assigned to a particular area of the department and will be responsible to the individual in charge of that area for the duration of their assigned tasks.

If a problem arises between a student and supervisor, the student and/or supervisor should attempt to resolve the problem. Students or supervisors who cannot resolve the difficulty should bring the problem to the attention of the supervisor's supervisor.


Student employee work schedules will be determined each semester per the student's class schedule. Students are not allowed to work during their scheduled class times.

Work schedules will be determined by personnel needs within each section. Consideration will be given to special circumstances when possible. When setting up work schedules, students should plan to be available to work whenever they are not in class. Students are expected to plan their studies, projects, and extra-curricular activities around both their class and work schedules.


In the event of illness or other emergency, students must notify their workplace for each scheduled work period. If the student knows in advance that he/she will be out for several days, the student should communicate that information to the appropriate supervisor as soon as possible.


Students are expected to clock in at the beginning of their shift and clock out at the end of their shift on the current university time clock system. 

In rare circumstances,  students must complete a timesheet each pay period, sign, and obtain the supervisor's signature. Timesheets should be updated at the end of each work shift; enter exact hours worked to the quarter (1/4) hour. If a student fails to update the timesheet for a scheduled work period, payment for those hours will be delayed.


Student employees may work forty (40) hours per pay period during the Academic Year.  International students may work 20 hours per week. Work Study students may have limits on their maximum hours of work because of their Work Study eligibility. The hours of General Student Assistance (GSA) students may be limited by the availability of department funds. 

Central Michigan University respects and honors the right of each person to terminate his or her employment at any time and for any reason.  The University retains the same right in terminating the employment of a student at any time.

Students and supervisors must closely monitor the student's work eligibility. Supervisors have the responsibility to ensure that students do not exceed the employment eligibility dollar amount.


While the University does not have a formal dress code for students, student employees are expected to dress professionally as it relates to the area of the University for which they are working. Please keep in mind that impressions of an office are often formed through the dress and manner of its employees. Students inappropriately attired may be asked to leave and return with appropriate clothing.


Students should understand that assignments are expected to be completed in a timely and professional manner. Social conversations should be kept to a minimum, and calls and visits from friends are discouraged during work hours. Students who are scheduled to work a four (4) hour time block are eligible for a fifteen (15) minute break. Breaks cannot be saved to accumulate a larger block of time. Student employees who are working for more than six hours at a time should be provided a minimum of one-half hour unpaid meal break around the normal meal period.


Students' performance may be evaluated each semester. The evaluation may cover some or all of the following areas: punctuality, dependability, quality and quantity of work, work attitude, ability to work with others, employee relations, integrity, ability to carry out responsibilities, and initiative. The student will receive a copy of the evaluation for their files. A copy will also be sent to Student Employment Services as part of the student's permanent employment record.


Central Michigan University has always taken a great interest in employee safety. Therefore, all University employees must obey all safety procedures, guidelines, and standards while performing any work for the University. Employees must attend any training seminars or programs that are required by Central Michigan University or state and federal laws. It is also the responsibility of each employee to report any condition that may cause personal injury or property damage.

Any injury that occurs at work, no matter how slight, or any accident that causes damage to property must be reported to the immediate supervisor in charge.


Students should understand that all materials handled are strictly confidential and cannot be discussed outside the workplace or with other students employed in the workplace except in the completion of an assigned task.


An email will be sent to you from LawRoom within your first month of employment. LawRoom is an online training program that reviews CMU’s policies and expectations regarding harassment, discrimination, and sexual misconduct. All CMU faculty and staff, with the exception of confidential resources or those named explicitly in the Sexual Misconduct policy, are responsible employees. Responsible employees are required to report any information they know about possible sexual misconduct to the Title IX Coordinator. For questions, contact CMU’s Office of Civil Rights and Institutional Equity, Bovee UC 306, 989.774.3253, or

I have read and understood this document and I agree to adhere to all guidelines set forth therein.

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