Central Michigan University has enforced a smoke-free policy dating back to 1992. In September 2012, the Tobacco-Free College Campus Initiative was launched by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to promote and support the adoption and implementation of tobacco-free policies among institutions of higher learning across the United States.

In October 2012, a work group with representatives from the Student Government Association, Residence Hall Assembly and each CMU employee group was assembled to review CMU’s current smoke-free policy. The group reviewed current trends, policies and best practices among higher education institutions to determine options. Feedback was solicited both informally from peers and colleagues and formally through a survey conducted in February 2013 to assess student, faculty and staff views toward tobacco and policies governing its use on campus.

In May 2013, the work group recommended CMU become a tobacco-free campus on July 1, 2014. President Ross and his cabinet members approved the policy in late summer.