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Bicycle Registration

Bicycles are an extremely popular form of transportation on the CMU campus. When using your bike for transportation you get to park right outside your residence hall or classroom building (no walking from the parking lot), and you can avoid traffic jams and searching for a parking space in the commuter lots. But with these benefits comes the fact that bikes are often the target of theft. With a few simple suggestions, we hope to make your biking experience safe and enjoyable while helping you avoid becoming a victim of theft.

Bicycles operated or possessed on campus must have a valid permit affixed (Parking & Traffic Ordinance Section 12.02) and must be parked at a bicycle rack, locked, and in operable condition.

All motorcycles or mopeds, over 50 cc’s, must be registered as a vehicle to park on campus and have a valid permit displayed? Motorcycles or mopeds that are over 50 cc's may not be parked at a bicycle rack.  Mopeds that are under 50 cc's must be registered as a bicycle and can be parked at a bicycle rack.

To register your bicycle, you must have the brand name, serial number, color and type of your bicycle. The serial number imprinted into the bicycle frame may be found in several different places on the bicycle depending on the make and model. The most common location for the bicycle serial number is on the frame below the chain foot/pedal area, under the handle bars, or underneath the seat.

There is NO COST for a bicycle permit. Bicycle permits must be obtained on-line. Upon registering on-line for your bicycle permit, the CMU Police/Parking Services Office will process your request and MAIL your bicycle permit to the selected address in approximately 4-7 working days. All permits must be properly affixed to your bicycle before they are considered valid.


Stay informed on bicycling and the safety of bicyclists with the League of Michigan Bicyclists.

Bicycle Crime Prevention
  • Purchase a heavy duty chain and lock or a "U Lock."
  • Always lock your bicycle to a bike rack.
  • If your bike is lost or stolen, report it to the CMU Police immediately.
  • Engrave your driver's license number on the frame of the bike. (Engravers can be checked out from the CMU Police Department free of charge.)
Bicycle Maintenance
  • Frequently check for worn or damaged parts. Regularly inspect and adjust the seat bolts, handlebars, brakes, reflectors, pedals, wheels, chains, tires, and spokes.
  • Have your bike repaired or inspected by a professional if you are unfamiliar with bicycle maintenance.
Obey All Traffic Laws
  • Michigan Motor Vehicle Code Section C1 257.657 Bicycles, Mopeds; regulation applicable (MSA 9.2357). "Every person riding a bicycle or moped upon a roadway shall be granted all of the rights and shall be subject to all of the duties applicable to the driver of a vehicle."
  • Always wear a helmet and protective clothing.
  • Keep to the right side of the roadway.
  • Keep your speed under control at all times.
  • For night riding, equip your bike with reflectors and lights.
  • Always wear bright clothing or a reflector zed vest so others can easily see you.
  • Use caution when passing parked cars because doors can be opened without warning.
  • Watch out for potholes, rocks, broken glass, and other road hazards.
Impounded Bicycles
Due to the large number of bicycles used by members of the CMU community, local ordinances have been enacted to control their safe use and convenient storage. The following information is a convenient summary of the rules governing the registration and impoundment of bicycles.

Bicycles may be impounded upon complaint throughout the year for lack of registration, no current permit affixed, or improper storage. Bicycles must be parked and locked at bicycle racks. Bicycles attached to meters, signs, trees, posts, or any area other than a bicycle rack will be impounded and fees assessed. Bicycles left on University property in an inoperable condition for a period longer than 48 hours may be impounded. Locks cut or damaged during impoundment will not be refunded or replaced.

At the end of the Spring Semester a University wide bicycle "cleanup" is done. Bicycles that are illegally parked, unregistered, or inoperable are impounded. Bicycle racks need to be cleared to do routine maintenance to the bicycles racks and surrounding areas. In order to accommodate the maintenance of the bicycle rack areas, bicycles may not be stored on the campus during the summer semester. If you are not going to be on-campus using your bicycles during the summer, please REMOVE IT. Bicycle claims can be made at the CMU Police/Parking Services Office.

Bicycles NOT picked up from the impound lot will be forwarded to the CMU Surplus Store and SOLD at the discretion of the CMU Police Department. Junk bicycles will be destroyed.