Blue Light Emergency Phones

Blue LightsIn order to maintain safety, Central Michigan University maintains an emergency outdoor phone system.

In various locations across campus, a Blue Light and Yellow Phone Box have been installed on the outside of a building or to a pole.

Once you have located the Blue Light Emergency Phone, press the red "CALL" button on the yellow box and your call will go to the Police dispatcher. Use the phone in an emergency, to report a suspicious person, or to contact the CMU Police for any reason. 

All locations are tested every-other week to ensure they are operational.  When any defects are found, they are fixed promptly.   If you find a blue light phone which is need of repair (e.g. not working, not lit, etc.) please contact the CMU Police Department.   

View the Blue Lights on the Campus Map

Blue Light Emergency Phones
Bovee University Center Southeast corner of the building
Brooks Hall East side of the building near the north end
Brooks Hall Loading dock Near the southwest corner of the building
Dow Science Northwest corner of the building
East Campus Drive Kiosk Near the football stadium
Foust Hall West end of the building
Grawn Hall Southeast corner of the building
IET Building North end of building
Intramural Fields Northwest corner of the service building
Kelly/Shorts Stadium & IAC On the NW stadium ticket booth
Kewadin Village East side of 500 building
Lot 1 North end of the east section
Lot 8 Middle of the south side of the lot
Lot 22 North East edge of lot across from Anspach Hall
Lot 22 South East edge of lot across from the S.W. corner of Pearce hall
Lot 33 East end of the median dividing the north & south sections of the lot
Lot 63 Northwest corner of the lot on the stadium ticket booth
Northwest Apartments On the south laundry facility
Pearce Hall North side near the west end of the building
Public Broadcasting/Welcome Center Southwest corner of the building
Rose Ponds On the electrical panel between the ponds
Rowe Hall Southwest corner of the building
SAC/Rose East side of building at arena entrance
Washington Court Apartments South end of building J
Wheeler Hall East end of building
Wightman Hall/Lot 16 Southwest corner of the building