Community Team Policing Program

Starting for the fall 2019 semester CMUPD will be rolling out a new "Community Team Policing" model.  This program will enhance CMUPD's tradition of community policing and extend formal relationships to all CMUPD officers.  The goal of this program is to provide a consistent level of community policing services to all areas of campus and to enhance relationships between the campus community and the police department.  The campus will be broken up into four community team areas per the attached map, each anchored by a residential community and expanding into the adjacent academic, administrative, and service spaces.   CMU Police officers will work within their communities focusing on outreach, relationship building, crime reduction, and student success.

The team policing concept recognizes that each officer has different strengths and abilities, and by working together as a team a better service can be delivered to our community.  Innovation, creativity, leadership, and communication are all encouraged and crucial to meeting the goals of team policing.  All CMUPD shifts will have one officer assigned to each community, and each team will consist of a police administrator, police sergeant, and three police officers.  Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to meet with the team police officers in their area, and discuss any problems or needs in their community. 

Specific needs and requests for programs should be requested through the below form as far in advance as possible, and will be scheduled and assigned by their team leaders.  

View the Community Policing Map
(This is a high-res image by necessity, so it may take additional time to load.)

Lieutenant Cameron Wassman
Sergeant Mike Morrow
Officer Zach Ferrier
Officer Dave Block
Officer Wayne Umholtz
Detective Scott Bailey
Captain Fred Harris
Officer Chris Pryor
Officer Kip Williams
Sergeant Trent Case
Officer Sarah Cuthbertson
Lieutenant Mike Sienkiewicz
Officer Laura Martinez
Officer Killian Frisch
Officer Mark Smoker
Officer Carl Williams
Detective Jason VanConant
Lieutenant Mike Sienkiewicz
Officer Scott Malloy
Sergeant David Coffman
Officer Jeff Ballard
Officer Josh Chapman