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Parking Citation Appeal

After reviewing the CMU Parking Ordinances, you may appeal a citation if a valid explanation is provided. The appeals process is designed to provide a format in which the citation can be reviewed. Parking citations can be appealed within 14 days from the issue date of the citation.

Below are examples of reasons or excuses that will not be accepted during the appeal process.

  • I only parked in that space for a few minutes.
  • I didn’t see the sign.
  • I’m not familiar with parking regulations.
  • I didn’t have change. Or I was going to get change.
  • There aren't enough legal/convenient parking spaces.
  • No one else received a ticket.
  • I have never received a ticket before in the area.
  • The fine is too much.
  • Time constraints, I was running late.
  • I was only parking or stopping for a brief period of time.
  • Expired permit.
  • Failure to obtain/display the proper permit.
  • Failure to file an appeal within the specific time period.

​Appeals can also be submitted in person at the Parking Services Office at
1720 S East Campus Drive or mailed to:

Central Michigan University
Parking Services
1720 S East Campus Drive
Mount Pleasant, MI 48859

Download Appeal Form​​​