Police Oversight Committee

Procedures for the CMU Police Department Oversight Committee

I. Purpose
The Central Michigan University Police Department Oversight Committee [“Committee”] is an oversight committee established by a resolution of the Central Michigan University Board of Trustees created under the authority of Act 120 of the Public Acts of 1990 of the State of Michigan​​. The function of the Committee is to comply with Act 120 and address grievances by persons against the Central Michigan University Police Department or Central Michigan University Police Officers and may make recommendations to the CMU police Chief that disciplinary measures be taken against any CMU Police Officer who is found responsible for misconduct in office. The president is authorized further specify the charge to this Oversight Committee, establish or approve its operating procedures, and establish or approve the methods for election of its members, in a manner consistent with Act No. 120, Public Acts of 1990, being MCLA.

II. Membership
Members of the Committee shall be comprised of individuals nominated and elected by the faculty, students, and staff of the Central Michigan University. The nominated and elected individuals shall include two (2) students, two (2) members of the faculty, and two members of the University staff who are neither members of the faculty nor police officers.

III. Meetings
The Committee shall meet when in receipt of a grievance filed directly with the Committee. Business may not be conducted unless a quorum of the members is present. A quorum shall be one more than half of the current membership. The Committee also shall meet two times a year to receive and discuss the semi-annual report made by the Chief of Police/Director of the Police Department regarding grievances submitted to the Department.

IV. Confidentiality
All grievances and reports made to the Committee pursuant to these procedures shall be treated confidentially by the Committee. Information about a grievance will not be released by committee members, except as specified in these procedures, or as required by law. The Committee as a whole may release written statements to advise the public of the procedural status of an ongoing investigation.

V. Procedures
A. Grievances
Grievances about a police officer or the Police Department may be submitted to the Committee and should be directed to the: CMU Police Oversight Committee, Attention: Chair, Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant, MI 48859. Grievances may also be submitted directly to the Central Michigan University Police Department. Grievances submitted to the Department shall be reported within five business days to the Committee by the Chief of Police/Director of the Police Department. The Chief of Police/Director will meet with the Committee on a semi-annual basis to provide a summarized report of all grievances received by the Department during the previous six-month period.

Submit an ONLINE grievance or suggestion.

B. Consideration of Grievances
  1. Referral to the Chief of Police/Director of the Police Department:
    • The Committee may refer a grievance to the Chief of Police/Director of the Police Department, who shall conduct an investigation or review, in accordance with University policies and procedures. The Committee may supplement the referral with any specific suggestions, recommendations, or concerns it has with regard to the issues to be investigated or reviewed.
    • At any time, the Committee may request, and the Chief of Police/Director shall provide, an interim report on the progress of an investigation/review of a grievance submitted to her or him. The report may be oral and/or in writing.
    • Upon completion of the investigation or review, the Chief of Police/Director shall report to the Committee. The report shall include a summary of: the steps followed; the findings and conclusion, of any actions taken, and an explanation for any unreasonable delays. The report may be oral and/or in writing. The Committee may accept the report as final, or it may ask the Police Chief/Director to investigate further and submit another report.
C. Committee Action
Upon completion of the investigation of a grievance, the Committee may:
  1. Determine that no further action is warranted, and notify all affected persons of that decision.
  2. Report its findings and recommendations – including any recommendations for disciplinary measures against any officer of the Police Department – to the Chief of Police/Director. No portion of any such report that contains confidential information provided to the Committee shall be made public unless required by law.
  3. The Chief of Police/Director shall review the report and advise the Committee of the disposition of the matter.
VI. Administrative Support
University Human Resources will provide administrative support to the Committee, including logistical and communications support for the nomination and election processes for faculty and staff representatives, and any other needs identified by the Committee.

VII. Approval of Procedures
These procedures must be reviewed by the Office of the General Counsel and approved by the Vice President of Finance and Administrative Services or the President.
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