Rules and Regulations

Parking Services I. Vehicle Registration and Eligibility
II. Registration Fees and Fee Refunds
III. Parking Regulations
IV. Visitors
V. Traffic Regulations
VI. Parking Violations
VII. Parking Enforcement Reticketing Guidelines

Vehicle Registration and Eligibility
A. Eligibility
  1. Vehicle registration is required for all residents, commuters, faculty, staff, visitors and vendors who use any area other than metered spaces and pay lots. One permit, either hanging or window decal, is required for parking privi​leges.

  2. Parking permits must be displayed by the first day of classes. Students parking only for Saturday classes and evening classes between 4 p.m. and 2 a.m., Monday through Friday, are exempt from registering their vehicles, although they cannot park in lot 12 or lot 41 at any time.

  3. Resident parking permits are distributed to sophomores, juniors and seniors on a first-come basis. If available, other parking areas located away from the residence halls may be assigned as overflow areas. Freshmen students may be assigned to long-term storage lots away from their residence halls.

  4. Resident hall students may register only one vehicle.

  5. A student is not allowed to register a vehicle owned by another student or another student's immediate family or display a permit issued to another student or staff member.

  6. The definition of commuter student is: a currently enrolled student who resides off campus.

  7. The definition of a resident hall student is: a currently enrolled student who resides in a CMU residence hall or CMU apartment complex.
B. Displaying Permits
  1. Hanging Permit: The hanging parking permit is displayed on the rearview mirror with the printing facing the windshield.

  2. Window Permit: The window permit must be attached to the inside lower corner of the windshield on the driver's side. The permit must be permanently affixed according to the instructions on the permit backing. Tape or other materials cannot be used.

  3. Motorcycle or Scooter Permit: One permit is required for motorcycles or scooters and may be attached to the front or rear fender or windshield.
C. Purchasing Permits
Permits that are purchased online will be mailed to the students' home address. Permits ordered online after July 31 will be mailed to the selected address through the end of the first week of the fall semester. Online permit requests received after the first week of classes must be picked up at the CMU Police/Parking Services Office.
  1. Annual permits may be purchased Monday through Friday at the CMU Police/Parking Services Office between 7:30 a.m. and 5 p.m.

  2. A valid operator's license and vehicle registration must be presented at the time of purchase.
D. Temporary Permits
Temporary permits may be obtained at the CMU Police Department 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A current operator's license and current vehicle registration must be presented at the time of purchase.

All students, faculty and staff who wish to park an unregistered vehicle temporarily on campus must obtain a temporary parking permit. These permits are obtainable for fees, which are less for students, faculty and staff who already have a valid CMU permit. Fees are:

Valid permit holder  
• One Day$2 
• One Week (seven days)$5 
• Four Weeks (28 days)


Non-Valid permit holder  
• One Day$3 
• One Week (seven days)$10 
• Four Weeks (28 days)$35 

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Registration Fees and Fee Refunds
A. Annual Parking Fees

• Resident$150 
• Resident with Zone A Privileges$175 
• Commuter$175 
• Faculty/Staff$185 
• Senior Officer$200 

For second semester only, the charge is one-half the annual fee. For summer session only, the charge is one-fifth the annual fee.

B. Fee Refunds - Used Permits
Students, faculty and staff leaving the university at the close of the fall semester may apply for a 50 percent refund of fees paid for vehicle registration for the academic year. A hanging permit or an identifiable portion of the decal permit must be returned to the CMU Police/Parking Services Office by the end of the first week of spring semester classes.

C. Fee Refunds - Unused Permits
Students, faculty and staff who purchase permits but do not use them may receive a refund by returning the permits to the CMU Police/Parking Services Office within two weeks of the date of purchase or 2nd week of fall semester.

D. Replacement of Hanging Permits
  1. Hanging faculty/staff permits may be transferred from your registered vehicle to another family-owned vehicle from the same residence without charge and without registering with the CMU Police/Parking Services Office. The hanging permits may not be loaned or transferred to a student or anyone outside the same residence and family. (An exception may be made for a loaner vehicle when yours is being serviced.)

  2. Any lost or stolen permit may be replaced upon payment of the required fee.
E. Replacement of Window Permits
  1. To replace a currently valid window permit, individuals must bring in an identifiable portion (letter and number) of the permit.

    Permits can be removed by covering the permit with tape and using a razor blade scraper. Scrapers are available at the CMU Police/Parking Services Office.

  2. Valid window permits may not be removed from one vehicle and applied to another.

  3. Any lost or stolen permit may be replaced upon payment of the required fee.

  4. A change of address may require a change of permit if the parking privileges are different for the new location. An additional charge may result from privilege changes.

  5. Limit of two (2) window permit exchanges per academic year.

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Parking Regulations
On-campus and commuting students may park their vehicles in designated lots only. All parking lot permit regulations are in effect from 2 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday during the calendar year (fall, spring and summer semesters) unless otherwise posted. There will be no parking in any area between 2 a.m. and 7a.m. except for resident lots with a valid residence hall parking permit. University permits must be properly displayed on vehicles by 7 a.m. on the first day of regular classes and throughout the entire academic year including summer sessions.

When classes are NOT in session, parking enforcement will continue in all faculty/staff lots, metered, reserved, service drive and handicapped spaces. Parking Services will NOT be conducting enforcement in the STUDENT LOTS ONLY, these include residence hall lots and commuter lots. Your vehicle must be parked in a valid space.

A. Parking Areas
All parking areas are designated for the specific groups indicated below. Only vehicles with appropriate permits are permitted in the resident and visitor lots between 2 a.m. and 4 p.m. (see III, A, 4).
  1. Resident Parking Lot Assignments

    All vehicles with resident permits may be parked only in the lots designated below. If the zone has no available parking spaces, all zones can park in lot 63 (as overflow).

    Zone A: Includes Zones C and K

    Zone E: Lots 46, east three-quarters of 47, 52, 53, north half and west half of 55

    Zone FR: Lot 63

    Zone G: Graduate Housing, also includes Zone C

    Zone K: Kewadin Village and Northwest Apartments

    Zone L70: Lots 70, and 63

    Zone N: Lots 1, 1A, 1B, and 1C

    Zone S: Lots 44 and 45

    Zone T: Lots 39, 40 and 42

  2. Commuter Parking Lot Assignments

    Zone C: Lots 2, 8, 14, 18, 22, 27, 28, 33N, 33S, 43, west quarter of 47, 51, 62W, 62E, and 64. Must pay the meter when parked in a metered parking space.

  3. Faculty and Staff Parking Lot Assignments

    Faculty and staff may park in any CMU parking lot, with the exception of the Graduate Apartments and Visitor lots. Must pay the meter when parked in a metered parking space. No full-time student may obtain a faculty/staff permit. A student who is a son, daughter, or spouse of a faculty or staff member is not allowed to park a registered faculty or staff car in a faculty/staff lot. If a student must use a faculty or staff car on campus, it must also display a student permit and be parked in a student parking lot.

  4. Student Apartments

    Parking areas adjacent or designated for Kewadin Village, Northwest Apartments, and Graduate Housing are reserved for residents and their guests. Guest permits may be obtained at any time at the CMU Police Department 24/7.

  5. Handicapped Parking

    CMU students, faculty and staff who display state handicapped permits and utilize handicapped parking must display a CMU permit. Visitors must display a state handicapped permit and a CMU guest permit.

  6. Metered Parking

    Parking in metered areas is open to any vehicle. Meter fees must be paid between 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. No overnight parking is permitted in metered spaces. Parking in unmetered handicapped spaces in a metered lot requires a CMU permit as well as a state handicapped permit.

  7. All vehicles must be parked within parking lines designating a parking space.

  8. Parking so that a portion of the vehicle hangs over or blocks a sidewalk is prohibited.

  9. Parking is prohibited in any driveway (including end of a row, service drive, loading dock, etc.) at any time unless otherwise posted.

  10. Vendor Permits

    Vendors are required to register their vehicles with CMU Police/Parking Services.

    Permits are to be hung from the rearview mirror.

    Fees - $150 (year), $75 (semster), $10 (week), $3 (day).

  11. The senior officer parking permit is available to all senior officers. This permit gives senior officers parking privileges in all campus parking lots except reserved spaces, handicap spaces, metered parking in ​lot 15 and the Bovee University Center circle drive.

  12. Parking areas marked "Reserved" are reserved 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
B. Closing of Parking Areas
The University reserves the right to temporarily close any parking area for a special event, construction, etc.

C. Liability
Central Michigan University or any of its employees assume no responsibility for loss from theft or damage to cars parked in university parking lots.

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  1. Visitors are required to register their vehicles with CMU Police/Parking Services. First-time violators who fail to display a parking permit may have their violation rescinded if they present it to the CMU Police/Parking Services Office within 24 hours.

  2. Each person who is not a vendor, student, faculty member or staff member is a visitor. Visitor permits are available 24 hours a day at the CMU Police Department. Visitor permits are issued for specific areas only. Metered parking areas are also available for visitor use upon payment of posted fee.

  3. Visitors attending athletic events may park in lots 62, 63, 64, 65, 67 and 70 without a visitor permit. For some events, a fee may be assessed for parking in some or all of these lots.

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Traffic Regulations
A. Laws in Effect
The motor vehicle laws of the state of Michigan and the university traffic ordinance are in effect on university property.

B. Speed
Speed on campus property is 20 mph unless otherwise posted.

C. Accidents
Motor vehicle accidents on university property must be reported to the CMU Police Department, phone 989-774-3081.

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Parking Violations
A. Fines and Penalties
  1. The person who registers a vehicle with the university is responsible for all parking violations and is subject to all fines or disciplinary action.

    • Failure to pay a parking violation within 7 days will resuult in a late fee.
    • Parking violations that remain outstanding for 14 days or more will be billed to the registered owner's Student or Faculty account.

  2. Violations are handled through the CMU Police/Parking Services Office. Payments for citations can now be done online.

  3. Parking Fine Schedule

      Amount After 7 Days 
    Parking in Handicapped Zone   
     Without Handicapped Permit$100$100  
    Failure to Display Permit$25$35  
    Parking in Restricted Area$25$35  
    Parking in Drive/Service Area$25$35  
    Parking Restricted (2 a.m.-7 a.m.)$25$35  
    Parking in No-Parking Area (Signed)$25$35  
    Other Violations$25$35  
    Overtime Meter Parking$10$20  
B. Revocation of Privileges
Parking privileges may be revoked for:
  1. Providing false information when applying for parking privileges.

  2. Lending a registered automobile to an ineligible person or registering an automobile for an ineligible person.

  3. Using an unauthorized parking permit.
C. Towing
  1. Vehicles parked in tow-away zones may be towed at the owner's expense.

  2. Vehicles with outstanding violations may be towed at the owner's expense.

  3. Vehicles parked in violation of university parking regulations and mandatory evacuation schedule may be towed at the owner's expense.
D. Appeal Guidelines
​After reviewing the CMU Parking Ordinances, you may appeal a citation if a valid explanation is provided. The appeals process is designed to provide a format in which the citation can be reviewed. Parking citations can be appealed within 14 days from the issue date of the citation.


​Appeals can also be submitted in person at the Parking Services Office at
1720 S East Campus Drive or mailed to:

Central Michigan University
Parking Services
1720 S East Campus Drive
Mount Pleasant, MI 48859

Download Appeal Form​​​

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Parking Enforcement Reticketing Guidelines
A. Reticketing times
The times for reticketing vehicles parked in violation at the same location are as follows:
  1. Meters may be reticketed after a length of time equal to the maximum time allowed by that meter (maximum of two per day).

  2. Service drives and other miscellaneous violations may be reticketed after four hours (maximum of two per day).

  3. Failure to display permit violations may be ticketed a maximum of two per day, at least 4 hours apart.
The Rules & Regulations were adopted by the CMU Board of Trustees as part of the CMU Traffic Ordinance.

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