Safe Rides


Safe Rides will NOT be operating until further notice.

  This is one of many precautionary measures 

related to COVID-19 safety.  


Download & Use DoubleMap for Safe Rides

​(App Download Links Below)​

After 12 years of operating as an "on-demand" system, Safe Rides has transitioned to a set route system.  We believe this will greatly improve the efficiency of the program, and get people around much quicker.

- The program will operate from 8pm to 2am each day when classes are in session.
- Vans will travel a set route, stopping at 12 locations around campus.  These locations have been determined based on previous year's call volume.
- Vans will stop at each location every 15 to 25 minutes.
- Vans will continue to operate only on campus property.
- Vans will not stop anywhere but the designated stops.
- Calling Safe Rides or the Police Department will NOT expedite arrival​ time.
- ​Open Food and Drinks are not allowed in the Safe Rides vans.  

After using the Safe Rides service please take our short survey !

Look for the signs at each stop location:  SafeStop.jpg

DoubleMap App

Download the DoubleMap app for the best Safe Rides experience!
- See where you are at, where vans are along the route, and where the nearest stop location is.  
- Get wait times and estimated times of arrival, and any delays/changes.
- After installing on your device, select the SYSTEM from the menu, and choose "Central Michigan University."  
- Select "all routes" from the app menu, in order to see both the forward (Maroon) and reverse (Gold) routes.  
-  Touch one of the stop locations to see your ETA.  You can toggle between routes by touching the corresponding button (F=Forward and R=Reverse).



List of Stop Locations

  1. Music Building Bus Stops
  2. Lot 8, near Blue Light Phone
  3. Library and UC Crosswalk
  4. Robinson Hall Entrance
  5. Lot 1, near Bellows Street
  6. Anspach Hall Service Drive
  7. Towers Complex Entrance
  8. Celani Hall Entrance
  9. Thorpe Hall Entrance
  10. Baseball Stadium, near Blue Light Phone
  11. Football Stadium, near South Blue Light Phone
  12. Student Activity Center Entrance