Safe Rides

Safe RidesThe Safe Rides program was designed to enhance campus safety. To use the service simply call 774-HELP (4357). Two student employees will arrive in a vehicle to transport you to your campus destination (the flashing amber lights will be used to let you know they have arrived).

We currently operate the service with two mini-vans, a repurposed patrol car, and supplement with other cars as needed.
  • Are you concerned about walking alone at night?
  • CMU students have access to FREE safety escorts, between 6pm and 2am, seven days a week. The service operates when classes are in session, during the fall and spring semesters.
  • This service is designed to safely get students from one on-campus location to another.
  • Unfortunately, due to inclement weather and other factors beyond our control, this service may be cancelled on limited occasions.
The Safe Rides program is a service intended to provide escorts for persons who need an ESCORT for safety reasons and who are concerned about walking ALONE at night--not just simply for the sake of a free ride. The following guidelines have been established for the program:
  • This service is designed to safely get people from one on-campus location to another on-campus location.
  • No escorts will be given from an on-campus location to any off-campus location or from any off-campus location to an on-campus location.
  • Safe Rides employees are not permitted to overload the escort vehicle.
  • Three or more persons traveling to the "same destination" DO NOT qualify for an escort, there is safety in numbers.
  • Persons who are visibly intoxicated or disorderly will be refused an escort by the Safe Rides employees.
  • Safe Rides employees or the police dispatcher reserve the right to refuse an escort to anyone based on the above guidelines.
  • ​Groups of 3 or more, or those wanting transport to-or-from an off-campus location might consider contacting one of the many local taxi companies.
Safe Rides employees are carefully screened for employment. Like all our other employment groups, student employees must have:
  • Clean driving records
  • No criminal history
  • Positive recommendations for employment
  • A proven dedication to customer service
Safe Rides employees also frequently receive training and instruction on safe vehicle operation.

For administrative questions or concerns regarding th SafeRides program; please contact Office Manager Stephanie Williams, at 774-3084 or​.

Safe Ride Pick-up
Central Michigan University • 1200 S. Franklin St. • Mount Pleasant, Mich. 48859 • 989-774-4000