Did You Know?

Parking Services
  • Did you know that the Campus Police are open 24 hours per day/7days per week? A temporary and/or guest permit can be obtained 24 hours per day.

  • Did you know that anyone parking on University property must display a valid parking permit? That includes all guests to the University, except those who pay to park at a meter!

  • Did you know that you cannot park in a commuter or faculty/staff lot from 2:00 a.m. – 6:00 a.m.?

  • Did you know the only parking allowed between 2:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. is in your assigned residence hall or apartment lot? After 5:00 p.m. you may park in any valid, non-reserved space until 2:00 a.m.

  • Did you know if you park at a meter you must pay the meter fee? After 5:00 p.m. meters are free. No parking at meters from 2:00 a.m. – 6:00 a.m.

  • Did you know that Lot #41 is restricted 24/7, unless you have a valid faculty/staff permit for that lot?

  • When classes are NOT in session, parking enforcement will continue in all faculty/staff lots, metered, reserved, service drive and handicapped spaces. Parking Services will NOT be conducting enforcement in the STUDENT LOTS ONLY, these include residence hall lots and commuter lots. Your vehicle must be parked in a valid space.​
  • Did you know you cannot leave a disabled vehicle on campus?

  • Did you know that you can exchange your permit if you bring a different vehicle to campus or get your windshield replaced by returning your old permit for exchange? If you do not return your old permit, there will be a replacement fee for a new permit.

  • Did you know when your tickets are billed to your student account they are still considered “unpaid” until the amount has been paid in full on your student account?

  • Did you know all motorcycles or mopeds, over 50 cc’s, must be registered as a vehicle to park on campus and have a valid permit displayed? Motorcycles or mopeds that are over 50 cc's may not be parked at a bicycle rack.  Mopeds that are under 50 cc's must be registered as a bicycle and can be parked at a bicycle rack.

  • Did you know parking decals must be fully affixed with their own adhesive to the windshield, lower left hand corner (driver side of vehicle)?

  • Did you know you have 7 days to pay your ticket before it is assessed a $15.00 late fee?

  • Did you know altering or switching a parking permit to a different vehicle is a violation? A ticket will be issued for $30.00. Parking privileges may be suspended or revoked.

  • Did you know if your permit is damaged in any way, you must exchange it for a new permit? A ticket will be issued for improper display if not replaced.

  • Did you know it’s your responsibility to know where you can park legally on campus? Any questions, please call 774-3083.

  • Did you know there are 15 commuter lots across campus? If you cannot find a space in one commuter lot you need to move to the next one.

  • Did you know when you come into our office to purchase a permit you must bring in your current vehicle registration and a photo I.D.?

  • Did you know when you appeal a parking ticket, you have 14 calendar days from the issue date of the violation to file the appeal?

  • Did you know there is a yellow "Fine-O-Meter" box located at the CMU Police Department to pay your ticket?

  • Did you know that improperly using a state issued handicapped parking permit is a misdemeanor and punishable by a fine up to $500 or imprisonment for up to 30 days, or both?

  • Did you know Lot 22 has 3 rows of faculty/staff parking? There are signs posted to identify this area.

  • Did you know campus has 11,1159 parking spaces?

  • Did you know the color of your parking permit matches the lot color on the campus map and on the parking lot sign?

  • Did you know if you don’t register your bike the police can confiscate it? It’s free to register.

  • Did you know that we still ticket the lots as normal during the summer semester?