Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Park?

When you receive your parking permit you will also receive a campus map listing all the campus parking lots and parking regulations. The lots you can park in will be color coded on the campus map in the same color as your parking permit. Become familiar with the lots you can park in and do not park in unauthorized lots. You may park only in the lots to which your permit entitles you. Failure to park in the correct lot will result in your vehicle being ticketed or towed. Parking citations or towing of your vehicle can result from vehicles parked in restricted lots, parked in handicapped spaces, service drives, fire lanes, over the lines, grass parking and unpaid parking meters. The lots you may park in with your permit on the CMU campus are also listed on the back of the CMU Motor Vehicle Regulations and Campus Map under the heading Parking Regulations.

When Do I Have to Feed the Parking Meters?

On the CMU campus, quarters must be deposited in parking meters Monday through Friday between the hours of 6 a.m. and 5 p.m. You can also use the free mobile based app instead of carrying around a pocket full of quarters. Meter parking restrictions are in effect whether or not school is in session.

Where can I park if I was given a Freshman (FR) permit?

New and improved parking lot 63, which is located immediately south of the football stadium, has been constructed for the benefit of freshmen, late registrants, and occasionally those attending special events.

Even with the tremendous improvement in freshmen parking facilities, we still must meet a few commitments to selected special events. When you register your vehicle, you will be given a schedule of special events for when the freshmen lot will be unavailable. This evacuation schedule has information on when the lot must be vacated, where cars may be parked when removed from the lot, and when cars may be returned to their regularly assigned lot. Vehicles that are not removed from the lot on the times and dates indicated may be ticketed or towed. The FR permit evacuation schedule is prepared to prevent students from receiving expensive parking tickets for failing to vacate the parking lot that is drastically needed for major special events held in the football stadium, Rose Arena, the Indoor Athletic Complex, or the Student Activity Center. We apologize for any inconvenience this evacuation schedule may cause for those with FR parking permits.

What If My Car Breaks Down or I bring an unregistered car to campus?

*If your car breaks down on campus, notify the CMU Police Department to avoid receiving a ticket. The disabled vehicle is not allowed to be parked on campus for more than 24 hours. 

*If you bring an unregistered vehicle to campus, two free weeks per semester (max 4 weeks) are given to those that have a current annual parking permit. After that, you will need to purchase a temporary permit at the rate of $5 per day.

Where Can Visitors Park?

Visitors must also have their vehicles registered with the CMU Police Department. The CMU Police Department is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to issue temporary and visitor permits. The visitor must present their driver's license, vehicle registration and must know the room/hall where they will be staying. They will be assigned parking privileges for a specific lot, depending on what hall they will be visiting. These permits are $5 per day. A visitor is defined as someone who is not a student, faculty/staff employee, or a vendor of CMU.

What if I Am Only Having A Car On Campus For A Week?

If you are only going to have a car on campus on a temporary basis, you still need to have the vehicle registered. Temporary permits are issued at the rate of $5 per day at the CMU Police Department 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Why Did I Get A Parking Ticket? I Was Only There For 5 Minutes!

In an effort to provide efficient parking, the campus lots are restricted to certain users. When an unregistered car parks in a lot or registered car parks in the wrong lot, it disrupts the normal parking operation of the campus. Thus, the tickets are written for vehicles which are parked in handicapped spaces, for failure to display a valid permit, parking in restricted areas, parking in drive/service areas or no parking zones, expired parking meters, parking on the grass or sidewalk and other violations. Parking tickets can be paid in person at the CMU Police Department/Parking Services office, U.S. Mail or online. The ticket and payment can also be placed in the yellow "Fine-O-Meter" box located at the CMU Police Department.