Enforcement Why Did I Get A Parking Ticket? I Was Only There For 5 Minutes! (for more information, check FAQ'S)

In an effort to provide efficient parking, the campus lots are restricted to certain users. When an unregistered car parks in a lot or a registered car parks in the wrong lot, it disrupts the normal parking operation of the campus.

Thus, the tickets are written for vehicles which are parked in handicapped spaces, for failure to display a valid permit, parking in restricted areas, parking in drive/service areas or no parking zones, expired parking meters, parking on the grass or sidewalk and other violations.

Parking tickets can be paid in person at the CMU Police Parking Services, at the Student Service Court in the Bovee University Center or Online. The ticket and payment can also be placed in the yellow "Fine-O-Meter" box located at the CMU Police Department. Payment may also be sealed in the ticket itself, which is also an envelope, and placed in the U. S. Mail with the proper postage affixed to the address side of the ticket envelope.

When classes are NOT in session, parking enforcement will continue in all faculty/staff lots, metered, reserved, service drive and handicapped spaces. Parking Services will NOT be conducting enforcement in the STUDENT LOTS ONLY, these include residence hall lots and commuter lots. Your vehicle must be parked in a valid space.

Top 8 tips you need to know about parking at CMU

Avoid tickets by following the rules
  1. Read the signs. Each lot is designated with specific permits that correspond to our parking map.
  2. Know the rules. Our parking attendants patrol throughout the day.
  3. Don't risk it! That two-minute dash can turn into 20.
  4. Don't create your own parking spot. A longer walk is better than losing $25.
  5. Feed the meters. Be sure to pay for the amount of time you need. Note: there's no need to pay after 5 p.m.
  6. Inform your guests. Temporary parking permits are available 24 hours a day at the CMU Police Department.
  7. If you lose your ticket, you always have a backup. All registered vehicles on campus will receive a courtesy email with ticket payment information.
  8. Avoid late fees. An additional $10 will be tacked onto tickets not paid within seven days.