Commuter Parking

Commuter DecalThere are 15 different lots on campus available for commuter parking. If the lot closest to your class is full, please move to another available commuter lot. Parking illegally will result in a parking citation. If your chosen lot is full, a stress-free option would be to park in lot 62E or 62W near the SAC. These lots are rarely full and are less congested than other lots on campus.

Commuters may use any of the following lots on campus:
  • Lot 2 located on the corner of Douglas and Bellows
  • Lot 8 which is near the Alumni House
  • Lot 14 which is near Rowe Hall and Special Olympics
  • Lot 18 which is on the south side of Finch Field House
  • Lot 22 which is between Washington Street and the railroad tracks near Pearce and Anspach Halls
  • Lot 27 which is on Preston Street near Park Library
  • Lot 28 which is on Preston Street near Foust
  • Lots 33N & 33S which are on East Campus Drive near Moore Hall and the Music Building
  • Lot 43 which is between Washington Street and the railroad tracks south of lot 22
  • Lot 51 which is off East Campus Drive, south of the Power House
  • Lot 62W and 62E which are near the Rose Center, the SAC, and the Indoor Athletic Complex
  • Lot 64 which is on the west side of the stadium
  • Lot 65 which is near the intramural fields
In lot 22, there is a section designated for faculty ONLY (see map). This section consists of three rows across from Anspach Hall. There are signs posted to identify this area.