CMU Biological Station

Matt and Ellie Hohn Center at CMUBS

Camps & Conferences has established a working relationship with the College of Science and Technology at CMU to assist with the management of lodging and meals at the CMU Biological Station on Beaver Island

CMU's main research property includes the state-of-the-art James C. Gillingham Academic Center. Completed in the summer of 2007, the center houses three teaching laboratories, a 120-seat lecture hall, computer laboratory and academic library. Research facilities are conveniently located adjacent to the academic center and contain a number of research tools and programs, including a permanent weather station near the research labs.  In 2012 the station opened a new mesocosm research facility  in the newly renovated boathouse.

Most students taking courses at CMU's Biological Station on Beaver Island (CMUBS) choose to lodge and eat meals at the station and this is strongly encouraged.

CMUBS Hoehn Center
If you are registered for a summer class at CMUBS you MUST complete the appropriate housing registration link below if you want to reserve your housing space during the class.  Your housing/meal registration should be submitted within 14 days of registering for the class or receiving notice from CMU Camps & Conferences. Housing is assigned based on the date we receive your housing registration. Your chances of getting your first housing choice is improved the earlier we receive your completed housing registration.

The station can lodge 100 plus student, researchers, and other users in a variety of housing styles including dormitories, cabins, and campsites.  All meals are provided in a fully functioning dining hall and served buffet style daily.
Are you a student enrolled in a summer class at CMUBS and need to register for housing and meals? 

Housing & Meal Information

During your stay at CMUBS you have the choice of staying in the dormitory, cabins, or at a campsite (must provide your own tent).  All students staying at CMUBS are required to take a meal plan during their stay.  The one exception is if you choose to stay at a campsite you may opt out of the meal plan.

     Housing Rates:

  • Campsite (includes meals) - $33/night
  • ​Cabin or Dorm (includes meals) - $36.50/night​

More information about housing at the station can be found on the CMUBS website.

CMUBS Housing/Meal Online Registration​


Please choose the appropriate housing/meal registration link below that corresponds with the class you are registered in.  If you are taking multiple classes, please fill out separate registration for each class.

BIO 100Z

BIO 203ZBIO 218Z
BIO 340Z

BIO​ 518Z
BIO 500Z

​​BIO 597Z2

BI​O 597Z3​​​

Any problems or questions related to your housing/meal registration can be directed to:

     CMU Camps & Conferences
     Bovee University Center Rm 211
     Mount Pleasant, MI 48859
     (989) 774-7675

Transportation Information

YOU are responsible for booking your own travel from Charlevoix to Beaver Island and from Beaver Island to Charlevoix.  You are strongly encouraged to arrange your transportation NOW and report your travel information on your housing/meal registration.  If you do not include it on the registration, you will be contacted later.  CMUBS station staff will provide transportation from the ferry dock or airports to the biological station.

Information on the three transportation providers can be found on our general information page for CMUBS.

Books and Supplies for your Class

You should purchase all of your books and supplies required for your class BEFORE you travel to CMU.  NO Books or supplies will be available at the biological station.  All books and supplies are available through the CMU Bookstore on CMU's Mount Pleasant campus.

Here are some non-class related items you may want to consider bringing as well(items are often more expensive on Beaver Island due to extra shipping costs):

  • Sleeping Bag or Warm Blanket REQUIRED
  • Pillow REQUIRED
  • Towels REQUIRED
  • Insect Repellent
  • Warm Clothes
  • Flashlight and Batteries
  • Extra Shoes
  • Lightweight Gloves
  • Lightweight Day Pack
  • Rain Gear/Hat
  • Swimsuit
  • Poison Ivy Block
  • Sun Screen and/or Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Insulated Coffee Mug
  • Bike (cost extra on ferry or plane)
  • Snacks or Money to buy them

NOTE: Station is 5 miles from the store, shuttles will be provided at specific times.

Billing Information

Billing for your class at CMUBS will occur in two parts.  All charges related to your tuition will be applied to your student account BEFORE you arrive and your class begins.  Charges for your housing and meals will be charged to your student account within 30 days AFTER the conclusion of your class at CMUBS.

Questions regarding the tuition payment or charges can be directed to:
CMU Student Account Services
989-774-3618 or Toll Free 1-888-610-4991

Questions regarding the housing, meals, and special fees payment or charges can be directed to:
CMU Camps & Conferences


Ferry and air taxi services serve the Central Michigan University Biological Station and the Beaver Island Community. All transportation to and from the airport(s) and ferry dock on the island will be provided by CMU Biological Station staff. All arrivals scheduled in advance of arrival will be met automatically. Unexpected arrivals can call (231) 448-2325 for transportation.

Beaver Island Boat Co.:  The Beaver Island Boat Co. operates a ferry service between Charlevoix and Beaver Island. Reservations need to be made for car transport, but not for individuals. Cars and Bicycles may be transported for an additional cost, each way. Generally, the ferry ride takes about 2.5 hours. Please visit their website or contact them for current rates.  The ferry provides the most economical choice for trave to Beaver Island and we highly encourage this choice for students.

Beaver Island Boat Co.
102 Bridge St.
Charlevoix, MI 49720
Phone 1: (888) 446-4095
Phone 2: (231) 547-2311

Island Airways:
Island Airways operates out of Charlevoix airport, (just south of the intersection of highways M-31 and M-66) and serve flights to Welke Airport on Beaver Island. The flight to Beaver Island takes about 20 minutes. Since flights are not made on a regular schedule, reservations should be made in advance.  Please visit their website or contact them for current rates. 

Island Airways
111 Airport Drive
Charlevoix, MI 49720

Phone 1: (800) 524-6895
Phone 2: (231) 547-2141

Fresh Air Aviation Inc.: Fresh Air Aviation is located directly across from the airport entrance and serve

flights to the Beaver Island Township Airport. The flight to Beaver Island takes about 20 minutes.  Since flights are not made on a regular schedule, reservations should be made in advance.  Please visit their website or contact them for current rates.

Fresh Air Aviation, Inc.
06918 Old Norwood Rd
Charlevoix, MI 49720

Phone 1: (888) 359-7448
Phone 2: (231) 237-9482

Cancellation Information

If you choose to drop the class or need to change your housing and meal registration once submitted, please contact CMU Camps & Conferences using the contact information listed above.​