Guest Rooms - Summer Operations



Thank you for your interest in staying with us during the 2014 Michigan ASA Tournament.  Our registration site is now available.  We strongly encourage you to start by checking out the detailed information on our website.

Michigan ASA Tournament Online Registration Form:

  • Three (3) Night Stay (Total Package Cost - $168.00): Thursday June 26 to Sunday June 29, in a 4-person suite. This is our standard package.
  • Four (4) Night Stay (Total Package Cost - $220.00):Wednesday June 25 to Sunday June 29, in a 4-person suite. This package is designed for teams competing early on Thursday June 26.
We apologize for any inconvenience, but WE ARE NOT ABLE to accept block bookings for space reservations, each room must be registered individually. 

Options include:
  • Each family or suite of guests reserve and pay for their own room in advance or upon arrival. (Recommended Method). If they provide team information we will do our best to group teams together when room assignments are made.
  • One person reserves multiple rooms and pays for all rooms in advance or upon arrival.  This choice is not recommended as it will take longer to complete your registration. You will have to register one room at a time and MUST have the contact information of at least one person staying in the room.
We are also pleased to offer each room or suite a $10.00 credit for use at the Market Store conveniently located in the Towers Complex where our guests are staying.

If you have any questions please contact us.


CMU Camps & Conferences
(989) 774-7675

CMU is pleased to provide summer lodging options to guests and visitors in the Mount Pleasant Area. 

All summer guest rooms are hosted in air-conditioned residence hall suites.  Summer guestrooms are available from early May through early August.  We have special rates for CMU alumni, staff, faculty, and students.

Summer Reservations can be made by contacting the CMU Camps and Conferences Office at

989-774-7675 or

  • Pay in advance by phone using a credit card.

  • Pay by check in advance by sending a check (payable to Central Michigan University) and a copy of your invoice/registration/confirmation to:

    CMU Camps & Conferences
    Bovee University Center Rm 211
    Mount Pleasant, MI 48859

  • If you are planning to pay upon arrival you will be able to make payment by check or cash only at your check-in.

  • CMU Students may arrange to have room charges added to their student account.

  • Cancellations and Full Refunds:  For a full refund you must cancel 48 hours in advance of your scheduled arrival time by contacting CMU Camps & Conferences office at 989-774-7675 or e-mail

  • Early Departure and Partial Refunds:  If your stay is shortened to fewer days than planned you are eligible for a partial refund for nights not stayed . ALL REFUNDS WILL BE RECEIVED IN 10-14 BUSINESS DAYS after your departure. Refunds should be requested at the time of your check-out.

Air-Conditioned Suites:

Non Air-Conditioned Suites (used when no AC suites are available):


Towers Residential Complex
208 West Broomfield Rd.
Mount Pleasant MI  48858


Check-in Times:  The main desk will be open 24 hours a day for check-in.

Check-out Times: A 12:00pm check-out is preferred.  If more time is needed, please notify the front desk.

Parking:  There are specific lots that you should use during your stay with us.  Please refer to our campus map for specific locations of each lot listed below:
Lot 39, 40, or 42
Should you choose to park in any other lots on campus, you could run the risk of getting a ticket.  We can NOT do anything about tickets that are issued for any other lots that are not listed above.

Linen:  Linen is provided for each guest.  Linen includes: Blanket, pillow, 2 sheets, 2 bath towels, one facial wash cloth and a pillow case.  We suggest bringing your own pillow if you have a special one as the ones in the halls are just standard pillows. 

Towel Exchange:  Fresh towels may be picked up from the front desk.  You will need to bring your used towel and exchange for the fresh one.
Furniture in Suites:  Within each bedroom there is a bed, a small dresser, a desk and a desk chair.  There is no other furniture within the suite.  There is a large empty common room right inside each suite door that, if desired, you could bring your own folding chairs or patio type chairs.

TVs and Cable access: There are not individual TVs in the suites.  If you choose to bring a TV and your cable cord – there is cable access available to you (approximately 40 to 50 channels).  
Internet Access:  There will be internet access available to you once you are onsite.  We have wireless available or if you choose to bring an Ethernet cord – you can plug into the wall.  There will be slips available for you at the registration desk with log on instructions.

Ice Machines:
We do not have ice machines available to you during your stay.  Ice can be purchased at the 7-11 that is right near Kulhavi Hall.

Laundry Facilities:  While we do have laundry facilities on campus, many of the facilities are by electronic card usage only and those cards are not available to the public.  If you are staying in a hall that does have coin-operated laundry facilities you will be using those facilities at your own risk.  Our halls do not have regular laundry usage during the summer so sediment from the water does settle in the pipes.  You may have dirty water should you choose to do any laundry on campus.


Night Entrance/Door Locking:
  For your safety all exterior doors to our halls will be locked by 12Midnight each night.  If you come in or out after that time – you can enter through the main entrance only to each hall.  Be ready to show your room key should you come back after Midnight any night.  All exterior doors will be unlocked by 8AM each day.
Alcohol:  The expectation is that only those of legal age are consuming alcohol while staying with us.  We have a zero tolerance policy for consumption of alcohol in public areas or by minors.  Public areas are considered: hallways, kitchenettes and lobby areas.  If you choose to bring alcohol into the halls, you must drink in your suites with the doors closed.  If there are any issues with alcohol our University Police Department will be involved.
Smoking:  Central Michigan University is a smoke-free facility.  If you need to smoke – it must be 25 feet from any building entrance or building.  There is no smoking inside any buildings.  Please plan accordingly.