Reservations & Event Planning Processes

Event Planning Process

Space request form is to be completed: RSOs to use ENGAGE Central & Departments/External Clients to use space request form under “forms” tab.
  • Please allow for at least 10 business days for processing meetings and 4 weeks for events requiring production.
  • Unique event ID assigned by Events & Conference services and space request form processed by University Events team. If it is,
    • For a meeting, a booking contract will be sent once space is secured.
    • For an event, an event manager will be in contact to gather event details and logistics to start the planning process.
PLEASE NOTE: For reservations and event requests to be processed our teams will be following CDC and University guidelines as well as adhering to new event capacities post-covid and event density protocols.
  • University Center venues managed by Events & Conference Services.
  • University Events secures space through: Registrar (academic space) or Building Coordinator (non-academic space).
    • Event support/production:
    • University Events produces events across campus.
  • Events & Conference Services produces events in the University Center.

Reservations for Meetings ONLY

Academic Space
Classroom & Lecture Hall Spaces
  • If you are reserving only academic space, your request is submitted and reviewed for approval by the Office of the Registrar.
Non-Academic Space
Specialized venues and secured access spaces - spaces that are accessible that are not a general classroom
  • If you are reserving non-academic space only for a meeting, your request is submitted and reviewed for approval by a Building Coordinator. Each non-academic space has a Building Coordinator assigned who is responsible for approving requests. Therefore, response times may vary.
Please note: A booking contract will be issued only after ALL spaces have been confirmed for a meeting or event. Meetings with multiple venues and/or multiple building coordinators confirming space may require additional processing time while our team waits for approval.

Space Reservation ONLY TimeLine:
University Reservations
​Estimated Time Allotted
Single Space Reservation
​10+ business days
​Multi Space Reservations
​15+ business days

Reservations for Space AND Event Support Services

Event space follows the same protocol as academic/non-academic space reservations but also requires securement of necessary event support services.
  • Services that fall into Event Support include any of the following:
Production Services (Fulfilled by University Events Team):
  • Furniture Delivery (tables, chairs, etc.)
  • Equipment Installation (staging, lighting, sound, A/V)
  • Project and Event Management (consultation and on-site support)
  • Technical Design (diagram and event tech specs)
  • Production Ops (administrative and logistics planning for production)
  • Event Staffing (building manager, event technician, event usher, event engineer)
  • Vendor RFP (proposal review and vendor installation)
  • Event Marketing Signage/Wayfinding (directional signage installation)
  • Contractual Services (performer contract & technical riders)
Coordinated Services (Typically Secured by University Events Team):
  • Catering (food service for the event)
  • Custodial (cleaning before, during, and/or after event)
  • Electrical (installation and removal of electrical for the event)
  • Contract and Purchasing (RFP approval and reward for the event)
  • Risk Management (approval of event plan and safety protocol)
  • Landscape Operations (outdoor trash cans, etc. for the event)
  • CMUPD (on -campus law enforcement)
  • STT (external security company for events)
  • Parking Services (lot closure, lot management/reservation)

Please note: Coordinated services are fulfilled by various CMU departments and require substantial alignment of resources with scheduling of staff. Therefore, dove-tailing the coordinated service plan is critical to event success and meeting campus partner/client expectations.

If you are reserving Space AND Event Support, an event manager will be assigned. Further, coordination of services typically requires the creation of work orders by University Events Team to create, review, and implement for each service requested. Booking contracts will be sent once the space AND event support has been approved and secured.

Space Reservation AND Event Support Timeline:
University Events Work-Order
Estimated Time Allotted
Space requested WITH Event Support
​15 business days
Multiple space request WITH Event Support​​1 month
​1-3 Event Support Services
​Additional 5 business days
​4-6 Event Support Services
​Additional 10 business days
​7-9 Event Support Services
​Additional 15 Business days
​10+ Event Support Services
​Additional 20 business days