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Fall 2013Spring 2014​
Fall 2012 Spring 2013​

IM Official of the Year

This award is given annually to the IM Sports Official who demonstrates professionalism, knowledge, and outstanding performance within their duties.

2014-2015 Jordan Leslie
2013-2014 Cody Whitman

2012-2013 Evan Crank & Jason Stanick​
2011-2012 Ethan Engel

Tony J. Kolarik Supervisor of the Year

This award is given annually to the IM Sports Supervisor who embodies the outstanding commitment, dedication, enthusiasm, leadership and service which Tony displayed during his work in the IM Sports program at Central Michigan University from 1989 -1995.

2014-2015 Sean Laorge
2013-2014 Brandon Szachta
2012-2013 Abel Mengsteab
2011-2012 Amanda Alpert
2010-2011 Kevin Brennan
2009-2010 Jeff Stoutenburg
2008-2009 Don Gillette & Dillon Thorne
2007-2008 Rob Latva
2006-2007 Alicia Slone
2005-2006 Brad Mitchell
2004-2005 Chris Popma
2003-2004 Eric Lillibridge
2002-2003 Jennifer Schonhoff
2001-2002 Danyelle Smythe
2000-2001 Adam Fisher
1999-2000 Kevin Remenap & Adam Reid
1998-1999 Jennifer Sidebottom​​​​​​