Personal Trainers
RJ Pratt
Certifications:  CPR, First Aid and AED certified, currently pursuing ACSM CPT.
Major/Minor: Exercise Science: Health Fitness Option.
Training Philosophy:  Dreams are only dreams, until you make them your reality.
Training Specialties:  Strength and conditioning, plyometrics, cardiovascular training, overall health and wellness, healthy lifestyles.

Beau Wolfe
Certifications:  CPR/AED Certified. Pursuing an ACSM certification
Major/Minor:  Exercise Science: Health Fitness/Psychology
Training Philosophy:  Keep it simple. Push yourself. Know why you're doing what you're doing.
Training Specialties: Weightlifting, healthy lifestyles, emotional health, encouragement, motivation, exercise education.

Matt Kovach
Certifications:  American Red Cross: CPR/AED with Pediatric CPR. Pursuing ACSM Personal Training Certification
Major/Minor:  Exercise Science - Health Fitness
Training Philosophy:  Exercise is vital for healthy body functions and even the prevention of some diseases. With hard work, dedication, motivation, and my expertise, you are bound to see the results you desire.
Training Specialties:  Weight training, cardiovascular endurance, interval training, healthy lifestyle, nutrition.

Allison Guitar
Certifications: CPR/First Aid/AED, in process of ACSM Personal Training certification
Major/Minor: Exercise Sciene: Kinesiology/Psychology
Training Philosophy: Don't let one bad day stop you from reaching your goals
Training Specialties: weight training, cardio/endurance, circuit training, healthy living, confidence

​Mitch Schoenborn
Certifications:  CPR/First Aid/AED, ACSM-CPT, Strength Specific Seminars Bronze Level
Major/Minor:  Exercise Science/Nutrition
Training Philosophy: “Do today what others won’t, so you can achieve tomorrow what others can’t.”
Training Specialties: Powerlifting, Running/Speed Mechanics, Mobility, Sports Specific Training, General Fitness Training.

Katie Ouillette
Certifications:  Associates in Applied Science-Health Fitness Specialist, NSCA-CPT, Delta College-Personal Trainer and Aerobics Instructor, Red Cross CPR/AED/First Aid Instructor
Major/Minor:  Exercise Science-Kinesiology
Training Philosophy: Our bodies are capable of anything. It's our minds we have to convince.
Training Specialties: HIIT, Kettlebells, Circuit Training, Weight Lifting/Strength Building.