A Message from President Bob Davies

CMU President Bob Davies

Dear students, colleagues and friends,

I am truly Fired Up to begin another great academic year with you at Central Michigan University. We are now six months into the COVID-19 pandemic, and we continue to adapt daily to the new challenges posed by the virus. I remain grateful for and impressed by your patience, flexibility and willingness to work together to navigate our rapidly changing circumstances.

As classes begin and we more fully resume in-person operations, the health and safety of our community remain our top priorities. This pandemic has raised many questions for which there are no definitive right answers; we must make decisions based on our guiding principles and our mission, vision and values. We are not relying on information from a single study or a single source; rather, we are broadly reviewing reports and analyses from several sources and also relying on the expertise and guidance of our local health department, medical experts and state leaders. We are monitoring the virus closely and have plans in place to address multiple possible futures; I have high hopes for a successful fall semester.

In part, our ability to maintain on-campus operations depends upon our behavior as individuals and as a community. If we all adhere to the best practices for health and safety from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — wearing a mask, frequent handwashing and social distancing — our likelihood of success increases dramatically. We are a community, and we are all responsible for protecting ourselves and others. Please join me in taking precautions to stay safe and healthy this year.

This website is designed to provide important details about CMU policies and procedures to keep our community safe. Please review this information carefully, and adhere to all guidelines and requirements. And remember, the CDC best practices, including social distancing, wearing face coverings and handwashing, apply everywhere — not just at CMU. Whether you are stopping by the grocery store, visiting friends or filling up on gas, I encourage you to do all you can to protect yourself and others. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do for CMU.

Fire Up and Mask Up!

Bob Davies