‚ÄčHow much does First Impressions clothing cost?
Nothing!  First Impressions clothing is absolutely free. Fill out an application to request professional attire, and First Impressions will help you select the right clothing for your professional event at no cost to you.

When do I have to return the clothing?
Never!  After you receive clothing from First Impressions, it is yours to keep.  First Impressions does hope that students will pay-it-forward and become future First Impressions donors, but there is no requirement to return any clothing from First Impressions.

What kind of clothing does First Impressions have?
First Impressions has a wide variety of clothing, types of dress, and sizes.  First Impressions has suits, jackets, blazers, shirts, blouses, skirts, pants, ties, shoes, scarves, and accessories.  As First Impressions is dedicated to helping all students make a good first impression, if a student has concerns that First Impressions may not carry a particular item that he/she needs, the student is encouraged to email First Impressions at firstimpressions@cmich.edu

Who is eligible for First Impressions clothing?
ALL CMU students are eligible to receive First Impressions clothing.  First Impressions is not need-based, but does ask for a brief explanation of why you need First Impressions clothing for an event.

Does First Impressions help with Interview preparation?
Interview preparation can be found at Career Services Mock Interview Program: https://www.cmich.edu/ess/academic_advising_assistance/career_services/Pages/MockInterview.aspx

Does First Impressions help with resumes and cover letters?
Resume and cover letter help can be found at Career Services REACH Program: https://www.cmich.edu/ess/academic_advising_assistance/career_services/Pages/reach.aspx