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Syllabus Build Tool Resources

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Faculty Tools

  1. SBT: Overview
  2. SBT: ​Accessing Your Course
  3. Movin​g through SBT: Submitting A Book Order
  4. Listing Required Text(s)
  5. Recommended vs. Required Materials
  6. Editing/Deleting Book or Equipment Lists
  7. Moving through SBT: The Equipment Page
  8. Moving through SBT: Building your Syllabus
  9. SBT: Moving through SBT: Copying from a Previous Book Order/Equipment Order/Syllabus
  10. Moving through SBT: Submitting and Posting your Syllabus
  11. SBT: Posting in Blackboard and Other Locations
  12. SBT: Uploading your Syllabus within the Syllabus Build Tool (SBT) - Regular Faculty Only
  13. SBT: Resources
  14. The Faculty Guide to SBT
  15. SBT - Guidelines for Instructors


  1. My course is scheduled but I can't find it in SBT to build my syllabus
  2. Can I import another instructor's syllabus into mine?
  3. I've already submitted my book order, equipment order or syllabus, but I need to change it. What do I do?
  4. I am previewing my syllabus and it has some abnormal page breaks. How can I fix this?
  5. I submitted my syllabus; however, I received a message that I need to do it again. What happened?
  6. I’m teaching an online course, and I want to change my textbook, but the system won’t let me. What do I do?

Staff Tools

  1. SBT: Center Staff: Overview
  2. SBT: Center Staff: Book submission/Acceptance
  3. SBT: Center Staff: Equipment Submission/Acceptance
  4. SBT: Center Staff: Accepting/Denying Syllabus
  5. SBT: Center Staff: Accepting Regular Faculty (FA) Syllabus Upload
  6. SBT: Center Staff – Unlocking Books, Equipment or Syllabus
  7. Center Staff Guide to SBT
  8. SBT - Guidelines for Staff Review and​ Approval