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End-of-Course Assessments

​​​​​​​​The End of Course (or EOC) Survey is a web-based survey asking students to provide their feedback on course instruction, materials, and resources. The EOC survey is utilized for courses delivered by CMU Global Campus with 5 or more students, with the exception of some capstone, thesis or dissertation courses. The EOC survey contains 29 closed-ended questions. CMU’s eight Student Opinion Survey (SOS) questions are asked first, followed by the three open-ended questions. Following the open-ended questions an additional 21 closed-ended questions are used to solicit student feedback on course aspects and services.

Students are invited by email to complete the EOC survey on the Wednesday prior to the scheduled course end date. The surveys remain open for 14 days. Regular reminders provide encouragement to students who have not yet completed the survey. Anonymity within the closed ended questions is guaranteed to all students and they are also provided the option to decline the survey.

To emphasize the importance of these surveys, we have included a grade access incentive for students. While the survey is open, students must complete the survey or opt out before they can access their course grade for that course through the CMU Portal under “View My Grades”. If grades are not yet released when the student takes the survey, an email will be sent to them when their grade is ready for viewing. Students who choose not to complete or opt out of the survey will have to wait to access their grades until the survey closes.

Report Access

Instructors are notified by email when their course EOC survey reports are available. Access is provided to instructors after the survey closes and final grades are submitted. CMU academic administrators can access the survey reports for courses within their associated program, department or college. The direct link to the report system is